What’s New At The Marketing Shop

Debbie Ringwood - The Marketing Shop

The new year is well underway and we felt we’d hold back on an update on what’s been happening, the early part of the year is all about the planning and new goals for everyone, in our case though we got that underway a lot earlier than usual…

At different stages of life, we review how things are going and for me, during 2021 I reached two milestones; a big birthday and the first ten years of The Marketing Shop. And with that I took some time out to look at my professional life, it’s been varied and for two decades has been Marketing-oriented with Sales, Management, and Operations roles prior to that. Rather than look at change just for the sake of doing something new I worked with the brilliant Mags Boland-Murphy at Bofin Consultancy, an amazing business coach and a process that I highly recommend somebody takes on at the right stage of their journey.

We looked at the projects we’ve worked on and the clients we’ve worked with and decided to cut right back on the services we offer to focus on where we’ve been most successful with clients which also happens to be the areas that are most enjoyable to work on also.

Despite launching our last new site and branding in spring 2021 I felt it was time to refresh everything again, new era and new look.

As of 2022, we have six core offerings designed with small to medium-sized business owners, sole traders, or even a marketing department who needs a little assistance in mind;

Marketing For Maximum Impact

Get Savvy On Social

Marketing For Consistent Growth

Canva & Content Marketing Training

Web Design & Strategy

Strategy Development & Review For Business

Across our programmes there are options for those who would like 1:1 Coaching or Training, there are also options available to businesses who have a particular project in mind that they need assistance with covering all aspects of Marketing, Social Media, or Web Design.

In the course of our re-structure we’ve also partnered with some super businesses offering specific skills that our clients will need so throughout the course of our work with clients we’ll connect you with appropriate tried and tested third parties also.

We also added a Resources section to our website which will grow but currently offers a number of options that might just be of interest to you;

Watch this space as we’ve got some other options coming to add shortly too, all based on what we know works!


We’re bringing not one but TWO online courses to you this year, details will be revealed in good time but if learning how to make a stronger impression through your Marketing is part of your goals for the year why not pop your name on our waitlist, be among the first to know. And, those on the waitlist might just enjoy a bonus too 😉

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be that job that sits at the end of a lengthy to-do list either if you have the right processes in place to support what you’re trying to achieve through every channel you’re using in the course of connecting with your audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your Marketing, Social Media or Web Design this year, pop an email to debbie@themarketingshop.ie or book a discovery call at this link – let 2022 be the year you transform how you market your business.