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When you’re working within a small business, one of the things you’re always mindful of is other businesses who might be suited to work alongside you in some capacity, either as a partner, supplier, or in many cases as a collaborator.

I met Hanna McDonnell of Hanna McDonnell Marketing in Dundalk online initially and realised very quickly that we shared a lot of similar ideas in relation to how great marketing works and how, given the right support, businesses of any size can get their marketing right from the foundations up.

Over many months we became great friends and also discussed how we’d like to serve small to medium-sized enterprises, many of whom are winging it when it comes to their marketing figuring out what is right for them as they go.

After many meetings on what we felt would be suited, became our new, collaborative home on the web.

Although we haven’t as yet formally launched the programme news has spread quickly and we’ve already signed several clients for some fabulously exciting projects!

And, we’ve launched a FREE Facebook Group ‘Tips, Tricks & Marketing Ideas Ireland’ to work alongside it because we know that even for those who aren’t for all sorts of reasons in a place to secure formal support with their marketing right now, there is a need for solid marketing advice from those of us who have decades of experience which includes a time before search engines, social media, and smartphones too!

As part of our Facebook Group, we offer opportunities to those operating within Ireland for networking, and promoting your business and as of August 2023, there will be regular training too.  Topics currently lined up for this training include; LinkedIn, Canva, SEO, GDPR, TikTok, HR, Publishing, WordPress, Email and lots more – available to those in our community only!

Please join us at this link if it sounds of interest.

And, if you are in need of a Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, or Content Strategy, at we can help you whether it’s your first or a refresh.

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