How Can The Marketing Shop Help You

It’s quite a while since we’ve written a post on how we work with businesses here at The Marketing Shop so here’s an update on how we work. Social Media – we teach you to use it, we manage it for you or we simply advise from a distance as you...
Summer Training At The Marketing Shop

Summer Training At The Marketing Shop

At The Marketing Shop we know for a lot of small business owners that the summer months are frequently a little quieter and are therefore the ideal time to up-skill, re-develop the website, put together a marketing campaign or quite simply boost your presence online....
Summer Training At The Marketing Shop

Should your business be on facebook?

This is a question I’m asked at regular intervals, often by start-ups and sometimes by those who already have an established presence and the answer is possibly but not always. When you’re marketing your business think about what you’re trying to...

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