Social Media Conversation Starter Ideas

Every one of us has sat in front of a blank screen at some point wondering what we can say? So, in today’s post, we’re sharing 20 ideas to get your conversation started on social media that are not related to any specific business, they’re some very general questions that are very easy to answer and are aimed at getting your followers talking.

Location? Where is your audience, simple but everybody can answer this one, and occasionally you may even see people within a thread chatting when they find somebody from their hometown on a social media page managed in a faraway place.

Dog or cat person? – there may be some who adore both but mostly this one clearly shows a divide and is quite often a place you’ll find pet owners sharing their pet’s photos too.

Windows or Mac? Few people use both, you tend to have one or the other and it’s a simple question that again most people can answer.

Best advice you ever got? Watch out for some nuggets of wisdom here, a great opportunity to talk back to your followers.

Worst advice you ever got? This is one that’s designed for a humourous response and can be really effective as people do like to try to outdo each other or find out more if it’s something really outrageous.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Easy to answer, I’ve seen this with some very surprising answers.

What’s on your playlist? Simple and might not garner the response of some previous questions but if you know your audience you know whether this is the right fit for them.

What’s the last movie you watched? Whether it’s days, weeks or months we’ve all got an answer to this one.

Favourite social network? This is one I’ve seen asked a LOT lately and generally, you’ll see if it’s asked on Twitter that gets top marks, if you ask on Linkedin or Facebook too the respective network will tend to get top votes too. It will most likely get a very predictable result depending on where you ask but it’s easily answered and has the added bonus of possibly finding out where your most talkative audience is too!

What would your superpower be? This is the kind of conversation starter that can even make for a great, quirky competition.

If you could be anybody for a day, who would you choose? If you add a ‘why’ to the end of this you could get any sort of answer!

What did 6 year old you plan for a job? Astronauts, pop stars and all sorts might make these comments.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Does it matter that most of us don’t look like any celebrity, lots of us have somebody we can picture in this scenario.

What app do you use most on your phone? Whether it’s a social network or email, there’s always one that we log into several times a day.

What was your first job? Nostalgia is always a safe question, this is one we can all answer and hopefully remember with fondness.

If money was no object where would you fly in the world? Given that we’re all looking forward to travelling again, lots of us know where we hope to travel as soon as we can.

Favourite character in any tv show, past or present? Again the nostalgic touch, I would think many of the answers, in this case, will be from shows that have officially ended and are quite likely now showing on repeat or Netflix.

Five famous people alive or dead for a dinner party, who are they? Variations of this have been around a long time because it works.

One food you could eat every day and never get bored with it? Simple but most of us can answer this one too.

And to finish, this is one I’ve seen asked a few times lately to a super response –

Describe your job badly!! I’ve seen this a few times this week alone, some hillarious responses too!

Your priority is obviously your business but sometimes you just need to boost your engagement with a simple question. Other times for some business types this kind of question can be asked at least once a week. You will know best what’s appropriate and if it’s a new direction for your content you should track the results of it too.

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