Social Media Content Ideas For June 2020

As with so many months this year, June is one we’ll remember. Brighter, sunny days are here and in the business-world it’s time for re-opening or getting set for a date that’s fast-approaching. Whether you’re already openened, trading online or counting down the days to a date in the next few weeks, it’s a good time to gradually make a re-appearance on social media – remind people just why they’ll be thrilled to see you back in business.

This month along with the challenges we’re facing and the super, sunny weather there are a number of options you can incorporate into your social media and we’re sharing a couple of ideas with you in the latest of our monthly posts on social media content ideas.

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World Bicycle Day – Wednesday 3rd June; one of the sectors to experience an unexpected boom in recent months has been everything related to fitness with cycling becoming more popular than ever as people look to find new ways of enjoying time together as a family or making the most of their time out whilst in general we’ve been encouraged to stay home. If you’ve got employees that avail of the environmentally-friendly, healthy option for their commute you can give them a shout-out just as you might any facilities that you’ve specifically got in place for cyclists whether they’re employees or customers. Perhaps if you’re working from home today’s break might be a trip on your bike, with photo of course. It’s always good to show anything in your business that shows the environmental awareness of your brand .

World Environment Day – Friday 5th June; with its origins dating back to 1972, the theme for this year is ‘Time For Nature’. Looking after our enviroment is everybody’s business and perhaps on this day you might share a little on how you are doing your bit, customers tend to enjoy learning a little more of what happens behind the scenes and this is a super opportunity to share something that benefits all of us. You can find out more along with some ideas on what you can do in your business at https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/ and the relevant hashtag for the day is #actfornature.

World Oceans Day – Monday 8th June; using the hashtags #protectourhome and #worldoceansday you can already see some of the activities planned on this date which reminds us that our oceans are an invaluable part of our world. Much like the previous event we listed this is something that we as a global community need to be mindful of and wether this is one you contribute to either personally or publicly in your business, you can find some ideas for events and downloadable resources on the official website https://worldoceansday.org/resources/

Superman Day – Friday 12th June; yes this is a day commemorating that favourite super-hero who has been part of our world since 1933! We’re not suggesting that you (or your employees for that matter!) dress up in as Clark Kent’s alter-ego for the day but could you have a bit of fun with the idea around superheroes? Given that there’s a lot of difficult news around us at the moment this might lighten the mood – and remember if you get the idea right it might just become super-shareable too!!

World Blood Donor Day – Sunday 14th June; this year’s theme is ‘Safe blood saves lives’ and while it’s not something realistically that every business can refer to in their marketing or social media, if you’ve perhaps got some employees getting involved why not give it mention on your social media, you’re not looking to gain business from this but doing your bit for all of us. And remember, now even as we deal with this pandemic we’re working through there will always be a requirement for blood. Find out more at https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2020/06/14/default-calendar/world-blood-donor-day-2020.

Premier League – Wednesday 17th June; not something we’d normally include in our updates but right now football fans everywhere are looking forward with anticipation to the re-start of the English Premier League Season. Normally it’s something that’s more suited to the the likes of bars and restaurants but if you’re in retail there could well be plenty of opportunities to help your customers enjoy the game at home? It’s something that will lift the spirits of many, if it’s something you personally enjoy and it feels suited to your audience why not give it a mention?

Father’s Day – Sunday 21st June; a day to celebrate the fathers and those who take on the role such as step-fathers, grandfathers or uncles. If it’s a fit for your business you’ve probably run some form of promotion around this event in the past, it doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot but sometimes it’s just an acknowledgement that makes a difference for your customers.

International Women In Engineering Day – Tuesday 23rd June; although women are increasingly making gains in sectors such as engineering there’s still some way to go so why not, if you’ve got somebody on your team in this field, make a big deal of it today? Interviews for your blog / social media make for great content. A story on how a female in the engineering sector has coped amidst the covid-19 pandemic might make for a particularly interesting news item this year. Find out more on the International Women In Engineering Day website.

Global Beatles Day – Thursday 25th June; on the 25th June 1967 The Beatles performed their classic ‘All You Need Is Love’ on the first live TV broadcast from the BBC to 26 countries and 400 million people. So, this is officially a day to celebrate their amazing contribution to the world of entertainment even if they are celebrated all the time by their fans worldwide all these years later. How can you use it in your business? Well, always remember you need permissions for copyrighted materials such as photos but if you’re in entertainment for example how about incorporating their music into your day? Simply sharing a link to an appropriately related song on YouTube can acknowledge it too, particularly if you’ve brought a little more of your personality into your social media persona. More on the Global Beatles Day website.

Dog Friendly Day – Friday 26th June; previously ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ this year as we’re in quite unusual circimstances the theme has changed. Previously I’ve shared photos of client dogs on social media on this day and although unrelated to the business the response was overwhelming, people loved that extra connection with the people behind the business. This year I expect we’ll see photos and videos of a lot of four-legged friends and their role in ‘helping’ out the home workers or those being home-schooled! Ensue you use the hashtag #DogFriendlyDayIreland if you participate and find out more about how it works at https://www.dogstrust.ie/whats-happening/dog-friendly-ireland/dog-friendly-ireland-day/

World Social Media Day – Tuesday 30th June; this is a fairly new addition to the days of the year that can be marked and this year perhaps it’s of more significance than most as social media really became so much more important in the past few months as we were encouraged to stay home in order to tackle the covid-19 pandemic and social media became our primary means of staying connected with friends, family and business. Numbers have been growing steadily on all of the major networks and noting the trends we were introduced to enhancements such as Facebook Shopping or the option to schedule tweets on Twitter (something that’s long overdue!). On this day join in the conversation using #WorldSocialMediaDay.

So, that’s a selection of days you might like to use in your social media during June 2020 when you’re a little stuck for inspiration and we’ll be back with the next update in this series in July.

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