Social Media Content Ideas For September 2021

It’s now three years since we first featured a post with content themes for the upcoming month and every month they continue to be popular as no matter how creative you may be, there will always be a day when you need a little inspiration for your social media.

As we move towards a life closer to what we used to know, there is a lot more we can celebrate and work into our lives and social media this time last year and as always businesses will be thinking about Christmas just as soon as schools return!.

So, for September this year if you’re based in Ireland these are the dates or themes you might like to include in your social media;

  1. Back to school – by the 1st September most children have returned to school, the back to school ad campaigns and competitions though have a lifespan of a week or two if they’re suited to your business.
  2. Ireland versus Portugal World Cup Qualifier – 1st September; taking place in Portugal as with all sports there are opportunities to support the national team whether it’s Ireland or Portugal with a simple message, if you’re in a sports-related industry or hospitality or indeed, if you’ve got some Portugese employees based here in Ireland who will be in the minority amongst supporters here.
  3. World Beard Day – 4th September; Yeah there really is a day for everything and this is a day that just might suit some businesses (barbers, salons, fashion in particular), celebrated on the first Saturday of September there’s even a dedicated website which you can view at https://worldbeardday.com/
  4. International Day Of Charity – 5th September; given that fundraising and charity work has been exceptionally challenging over the past 18 months, if your business or even you personally can do something for a cause close to you this might be a day to do it particularly if the cause in question doesn’t have an awareness day of its own. Find out more on this at https://www.un.org/en/observances/charity-day.
  5. Fight Procrastination Day – 6th September; most of us at some times put something off, some more than others and this could make for light-heared competitions on social media if it suits your audience.
  6. Star Trek Day – 8th September; not that fans will need a reminder but if it fits give it a shout-out, ideal especially if you’re online as a personal brand who has already shown an interest in all things Star Trek as often it’s the quirks or similarities that make you memorable to some of your audience.
  7. Patriot Day or 9/11 – 11th September; a nod to a day we’ll never forget but ONLY if it works well for your business and please don’t use it a means to try sell, this is about remembering the fallen and nothing more.
  8. All-Ireland Final – 11th September; whatever your team, if you’re here in Ireland it’s unlikely you’ll miss coverage of this match even if your county aren’t playing. One for sports clubs, schools, hospitality businesses, even those of you who come from or live in Mayo or Tyrone.
  9. Grandparents Day – 12th September; a day that celebrates all that’s wonderful about grandparents, one that can work for family audiences if you can see a fit for your industry.
  10. Roald Dahl Day – 13th September; this day celebrates the wonderful works of this amazing children’s author, ideal if you’re conencting with families, in education or your business involves books.
  11. Greenpeace Day – 15th September; this is a day to pay tribute to the wonderful work this group have undertaken since their foundation in 1971.
  12. Tradesmen Day – 17th September; right now most of them are in high demand and in September they get their own day to celebrate just how handy your handyman really is whatever their trade. One for painters, plumbers, builders merchants and more.
  13. Batman Day – 19th September; this date marks the anniversary of the caped crusader’s first appearance way back in 1939, like Star Trek Day mentioned above it’s one for enthusiasts or you might make it work if you’re selling Halloween costumes too.
  14. World Gratitude Day – 21st September; there’s always something to be grateful for so why not take some time out to think about what’s good in your life today, something that most of us don’t think about often enough.
  15. World Car Free Day – 22nd September; whilst many of us are still working remotely or always do anyway, if you have to travel on this day why not try travelling without the car? A simple shareable for your social media is those employees making their own way to work without the car on this day, be seen to do your bit – if it’s practical of course.
  16. World Pharmacist’s Day – 25th September; one of many frontline services that kept going throughout the pandemic, if your pharmacy is doing to mark the day or even if they aren’t try popping in there instead of your usual chainstore or supermarket to show them some support – you might be surprised at the delightful gifts you find in many too.
  17. Human Resource Professionals Day – 26th September; recruitment and getting your team on board to work remotely was a new challenge for many during the pandemic. How about on this occasion you thank those people who worked hard to keep employees working in a situation nobody could ever have planned for yet quite likely never got a mention anywhere over the past 18 months?
  18. Black Friday countdown – 26th September is 2 months out; we mentioned Christmas at the start but we all know that the big shopping period in recent years centres around Black Friday, if you’ve not got your deals in place yet book some time in your diary to sort out what you need so you’re organised ahead of time as you can be certain all of the larger organisations are already working away on it.
  19. World Tourism Day – 27th September; an industry that’s going through a recovery period, whether it’s local support in hotels, restaurants or entertainment venues or travelling further afield with planes, boats, sunnier destinations, if it’s suited to your business you might like to include this theme in your business as our tourism industries really do need everybody’s support. You can also read more at www.un.org/en/observances/tourism-day
  20. World Heart Day – 29th September; an international day to spread awareness on heart disease and strokes.  Even if all you do is share a post from an appropriate source you’re doing your bit for all of us. You can also learn more on this issue and pick up some tips at www.world-heart-federation.org/world-heart-day/
  21. International Podcast Day – 30th September; podcasts continue to grow in popularity, even if you don’t run your own as part of your business you can join in the conversation in recommending one you like particularly if it’s one that your know your audience should enjoy.
  22. Halloween – it may be a month away but as the season has grown the first of the ghosts and ghouls will be making an appearance in early October and this year perhaps more than many it’s something people will want to mark in some way, not least because for those of us here in Ireland it’s a bank holiday weekend too.

So, that’s our suggestion for themes that might be useful in your social media marketing on those occasions you’d like something a little different to your products or services.

And finally for today, if you struggle with time for your social media or indeed any element of your marketing feel free to get in touch with us here at The Marketing Shop – Debbie is at 087-2785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie

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