Social Media Content Ideas For November 2021

Once Halloween is out of the way it’s all about Christmas, or, for those who don’t have a peak period in December, planning for a new year. Our latest post on content ideas for November is designed for those who might be planning for Christmas, New Year and more importantly, the weeks ahead with some key dates for the month of November.

World Vegan Day – 1st November; an incredibly popular lifestyle choice for many people across the world, the meat-free diet option has been marked officially since 1994. You might find inspiration and ideas on the Vegan Society website at https://www.vegansociety.com/get-involved/campaigns and for social media if you decide to take part because it ties in with choices of your business or employees, the hashtag is #veganday.

Stress Awareness Day – 3rd November; kicking off International Stress Awareness Week which runs from 1st – 5th November, Stress Awareness Day is a reminder to each and every one of us who has experienced a challenge in how we manage our response to stress. It’s an awareness day that can be adopted by all sorts of industries if it’s used appropriately. Find out more at https://isma.org.uk/isma-international-stress-awareness-week

Common Sense Day – 4th November; I can’t find any source of information for this but I can find a lot of sites listing that it’s an awareness day. This could be used effectively in the social media of those businesses who might already be a little playful in their approach to social media.

Love Your Red Hair Day – 5th November; this is one that’s particularly easy for those in health and beauty to celebrate because the ideas are quite obvious, in other industries you might choose to adopt a more unusual approach such as free entry or a free coffee for red-haired people on the day – remember though, it must fit your brand.

World Freedom Day – 9th November; this date was selected as it’s the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This won’t be an option for many businesses commercially but if there’s an interest for a group you’re involved with or you’d just like to learn more find details at https://worldstrides.com/blog/2011/11/world-freedom-day-commemorating-anniversary-fall-berlin-wall/

Sesame Street Day – 10th November; one for adults and children alike, nothing gets people’s attention like a touch of nostalgia and for those of us who grew up with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie or even Elmo (who didn’t join the gang until 1980) these guys have been a big part of family life since 1969! Find out more at https://www.sesamestreet.org/games?id=25744&destination=/home

World Kindness Day – 13th November; an important one for everyone, it doesn’t take a lot to be kind but in a world where we don’t even see a smile so easily because we’re keeping our distance or wearing a face covering it’s more important than ever to be kind to others in addition to ourselves. You can find ideas for taking part at https://inspirekindness.com/world-kindness-day and putting it to use in a business is something most of us can find an option for.

World Diabetes Day – 14th November; this might be important to individuals and for business owners in the hospitality or food retail sectors there are options such as promotions around new menu items or foodstuffs that might suit. There are lots of ideas on what you can do to mark it on the official site at https://worlddiabetesday.org/

International Men’s Day – 19th November; an important date that doesn’t quite get the coverage it deserves (yet!). This year’s theme is ‘Better Relations Between Men And Women’ and is an option that can be incorporated into social media posts by many but can also be used internally just to check in on your men and of course in your personal life with family and friends. There’s lots of information and ideas over on the official site if you’d like some inspiration at https://internationalmensday.com/ but if time or resources are tight a simple shout-out on the day and ensure you include #InternationalMensDay on any social media posts.

World Children’s Day – 20th November; this day was established back in 1954 by the United Nations as a day to focus on and improve the welfare of children worldwide. Every age group has had its challenges this year and whilst children tend to often be more resilient than adults, to be kept apart from family and friends or coping with new school regimes not to mention the extended time off from school it has been a time like no other. As a business you will know what’s appropriate for your target audience but something family-focused whether it’s a fund-raising activity for a local children’s charity or hospital or a simple will always be appreciated and will prove a hit with your customer base too especially given that the challenges of recent times have seen a substantial decrease in donations to charities with a whole raft of the normal fund-raisers cancelled because of covid-19. There is an official site at https://www.un.org/en/observances/world-childrens-day or locally here in Ireland there’s an excellent site with ideas for how you can become involved at https://www.childrensday.ie/

World Television Day – 21st November; this date was chosen by the UN in 1996 as a celebration of the impact of the television on our lives as a means of communication. Techncially-minded businesses might find a way of bringing this into their social media. The official site for the date is https://www.un.org/en/observances/world-television-day

A month to Christmas – 25th November; not that it’s an official date but it’s a countdown worth noting, in other years this is when the real shopping kicks off in earnest but this year it’s already underway for most with the huge shift to online.

Thanksgiving – 25th November; not a date most of us based here in Ireland will celebrate but if your business includes customers based in the US it’s important to mark it or at the very least include a greeting in your social media on the date.

Black Friday – 26th November; originally a US tradition it’s now commonplace here in Ireland with campaigns promoting Black Friday deals kicking off anytime from early November. Whatever your industry and whether your customers are members of the public or other businesses, there are opportunities aplenty with this date but put any campaigns in place early because you’ll be fighting for attention with brands from across the world.

The Late Late Toy Show – 26th November; an especially Irish event, everybody who grew up in Ireland in recent decades will know about this big TV event beloved by children and adults alike. It’s a night to snuggle up on the sofa and get into the swing of all things Christmas as all of this year’s hottest toys are showcased while parents everywhere panic as Santa’s list is updated!!!

Cyber Monday – 29th November; the follow-up to Black Friday weekend this has in recent years been a day with a big focus on shopping online. The pandemic has changed the shopping habits of people across the globe, if you’re going to do something special to try capture some sales or even generate awareness on this day get planning now and aim to stand out in a busier online marketplace than ever before.

Movember – last but not least we’re going to mention the Movember movement which takes place for the month of November. A campaign dedicated to men’s health issues, participation involves growing us a moustache whilst fund-raising as you do it. Read more on the official Movember website.

November is always a busy month for businesses with many retailers looking forward to their busiest time of year, for others, it’s a time of preparing for a new year or even finishing up the current year on a good note. Whether it’s high or low season for you, this post has hopefully given you a few ideas for content other than your own products or services.

If you need assistance in creating content or coming up with a plan for your social media, get in touch with debbie@themarketingshop.ie to arrange a complimentary consultation and find out how we can help you.

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