Social Media Content Ideas For May

A new month, brighter days, and for lots of us there are holidays on the horizon or time out from routine too. In today’s world though that time out will see most of us still connected to social media at some point, even if it’s just to share a snap from some far-flung beach. It’s important to remember that even where business may be quieter than usual, your potential customers are still online even if not in their workplace.

As always we’ve got a selection of dates that might be useful in your social media.

1st May – May Day; traditionally in Ireland, it marks the beginning of summer even if the weather doesn’t always agree with it.

2nd May – International Harry Potter Day; a day for fans everywhere, not one many of us can use in our marketing but it might be fun for little ones.

2nd May – Password Day; a day to remind all of us to update or review our passwords. If you’ve got subscribers or your business is in some way IT-related, it’s a theme you might include in a blog post too.

3rd May – WordSmith Day; a day designed to celebrate the magic of the written word.

4th May – Star Wars Day; one for fans of Star Wars, you either understand how you can work it for you and your audience or you bypass it and post just on your personal profiles for this one.

5th May – World Laughter Day; a celebration of laughter, humour and positivity – if you’re posting on social media over a bank holiday, something light-hearted works for this. Even better if it’s related to your business or industry.

6th May – Bank Holiday Monday (Ireland); don’t forget to update your opening hours and be mindful of how you communicate on your social media, remember a lot of people are switched off work for the bank holiday weekend.

8th May – World Facilities Management Day; for lots of businesses working within this sector, this is one to highlight on your social media and other marketing channels such as email or website too.

9th May – Europe Day; a day that is designated to honour peace and unity across the continent.

12th May – Limerick Day; whimsical five-line poems named after the city of Limerick that might make for a simple social media competition.

13th May – World Cocktail Day; one for hospitality or off license traders, pick a special to celebrate it or share details of how followers might create their own, even better if you do a demo of it on video too.

16th May – Global Awareness Accessibility Day; we’re all becoming more mindful of being accessible to all, if it’s not appropriate to mention it within your business maybe even take a look at how accessible you are to others, or see if there is room for improvement.

17th May – Work From Home Day; over the last few years this was something many got to appreciate for the first time. If you’ve got home-based workers maybe give them a shout-out today.

17th May – Virtual Assistants Day; an essential element to so many businesses, if you’ve got a super-star VA supporting your team why not give them a special thank you on this day?

18th May – Museum Day; this year ‘Museums For Education And Research’ is the theme and you can find ideas and inspiration at or keep an eye on museums local to you, it can be a pleasant surprise to visit an attraction that wouldn’t normally be a day out for you.

20th May – World Bee Day; so much more than just an insect, bees are a really important part of our ecosystem. If you’re in education or it’s got your attention, there’s a wealth of information for both adults and child together with resources you can download to use at

21st May – World Tea Day; where would be without a cuppa?! This is one that’s easily worked into social media and not just for hospitality.

26th May – World Redhead Day; perfect for those in the beauty sector, a celebration of the joys of this fabulous feature.

27th May – Sunscreen Day; there’s nothing like a bright, sunny day or a beach holiday to life the spirits. However, with it comes with risk and while it’s not clear that this day is marked in Ireland we’re going to include it. If you’re involved in selling summer products such as garden furniture or holidays, or even summer clothing there’s an opportunity for you to remind people to be sunsmart at this time of year. Check out for more information.

27th May – World Marketing Day; this is a new one, created only in 2023 with a date selected as it’s the birthday of Philip Kotler who fellow marketers will know is considered the father of modern marketing. This is one I’ll make sure to mention as marketers are important to every one of us 🙂

30th May – International Day Of The Potato; this can be used very easily across those businesses in the hospitality and food retail sectors.

31st Day – Web Designers Day; as we design websites ourselves here at The Marketing Shop, we quite like this one. A simple thank you to your web design or support or a shout-out on your social media are simple but effective ways to mark their day for them. If you’re a web designer make sure to give yourself a shout-out!

And as the month ends we’re heading into yet another bank holiday which if you’re based here in Ireland you’ll already be aware of 🙂

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