Social Media Content Ideas For March

Spring is definitely in the air and now, with March underway, it’s just a few weeks to our next bank holiday.

March is generally one of those months that easily lends itself to different themes outside of your business. That said we’re including some ideas that can be applied generally during this month along with some specific dates that might be suited to your specific industry.

Themes that you might use during the month of March;

  • Spring Cleaning: Spring is a time for fresh starts, and social media can offer tips and tricks for cleaning and decluttering your home, wardrobe, and digital life.
  • Women’s History Month: Celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history on social media, sharing stories of pioneering women and highlighting current female role models.
  • Self-Care Sunday: Encourage followers to take time for themselves each week, a good idea all year round in fact but after a long winter it’s the ideal reminder to start getting set for brighter days ahead.
  • Women’s History Month: Celebrate influential women who have made an impact on society

And themes that you might use on specific dates during the month of March include;

1st March; World Compliment Day – a relatively simple idea that we can all use in business or our personal life.

2nd March; World Book Day – an important day in children’s literature, World Book Day has been celebrated for over 25 years with participation across the education sector, the focus is on encouraging children to enjoy reading. It’s not for every business but if books are important to you or your audience, how about something as simple a book giveaway? Giveaways are always popular, they should always be relevant to your business though on this and indeed, any other occasion. Find inspiration at

4th March; World Obesity Day – this date might be of particular interest to those in the health and wellness industry, for those outside of this space there might also be opportunities but like all themes, only work with what’s right for your brand.

8th March; International Women’s Day – the theme this year encourages us all to Embrace Equality and as appropriate, there are ways many businesses can do something in relation to this theme. Remember though, today is not about sales, a simple celebration of the women in your business to thank them for their contribution is a always a popular theme for this date. And, if any of your team are taking part in events to mark this date, share it on blog posts or social media too – this is all about raising awareness of the challenges that still exist even in 2023 so we can all do our part. Find ideas and learn more about this event at and follow #InternationalWomensDay #IWD #IDW23 #EmbraceEquality

8th March; World Maths Day – this is more likely suited to education than business, but if your business is involved with the education sector it may well be of interest. Find out more at

11th March; World Plumbing Day – something many of us take for granted in developed countries until we have a problem that is, remains a luxury in places across our world. When it comes to social media there are some very obvious fits for business owners in sanitation or facilities management, it’s also, of course, a good fit for plumbers or those who supply to them. Find out more at

17th March; St Patrick’s Day – our second bank holiday of the year already and while for many it means cramming five days into four yet again, this is a break we all tend to look forward to. On the day that the whole world celebrates what it is to be Irish, mark it in your own way with a greeting, with a great team night out, with a team dressed up as leprechauns, or something very Irish that works for you. Find out details of local events that you might like to get involved with in some cases, or even simply attend at

18th March; World Sleep Day – this year’s theme sounds idyllic to most of us ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’ and who among us wouldn’t agree that a great night’s sleep really can make all the difference to our day. There are sleep specialists and advisors who will be aware of this day and undoubtedly will have great tips to share. It’s also a day for those in businesses related to bedding and furniture, a little imagination can go a long way. This date however is also an obvious opportunity for tourism, isn’t a good night’s sleep at a hotel something everybody would love? Find out more at

18th March; Ireland v England Six Nations Rugby – always a big event even if rugby isn’t your sport, for those in hospitality ensure to make the most of the game making for the perfect end to a bank holiday weekend. It’s also suited to sports-related businesses or even retailers, two shopping centres I know ensure big matches like this are shown on screen so shoppers can still get out and about.

19th March; Mother’s Day – an important day for so many businesses in retail and hospitality, the lunches are being planned and the gifts and cards are already in the shops. It’s one that can be acknowledged with a simple greeting even where your business isn’t a natural fit to celebrate the day.

20th March; International Day Of Happiness – life can change in a heartbeat and this is a day that reminds us that we should celebrate those important moments that bring us happiness wherever we can because our well-being matters. This is a UN observance day and there’s a lot of information on their official site at with tips, webinars, and other ideas that may give you inspiration. Simply aiming to make somebody smile today may well go a long way.

21st March; World Poetry Day = a celebration of poetry, this isn’t a day that will appeal to everybody but if it’s an interest to you there are opportunities to bring it into your social media either through posts or competitions. Find out more on this UNESCO day on the official website.

22nd March; World Water Day – a UN awareness day as of 1993, while we take for granted our access to water this isn’t the case for many across the world. There’s a wealth of information on their official site including social media shareables, have a read and see if this is a good fit for your business at

25th March; Earth Hour – considered an hour where we’re all contributing towards our future. You’ll find the official website at and this year it seems there’s a different approach, this is from the Earth Hour site:

“On 25th March at 8:30 pm, spend 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet. It’s that simple.  

Whether it’s by picking up trash at a park, cooking dinner with sustainable ingredients, planting a tree, or getting your friends together for an Earth Hour event, anyone, anywhere can join the #BiggestHourForEarth. “

26th March; Daylight Savings Time – clocks go forward, and evenings get brighter.

27th March; World Theatre Day – if this is part of your industry you’re quite likely making plans already, for others if it’s a personal interest theatre tickets can make for a nice prize, a nice gift, or quite simply, an enjoyable evening out.

31st March; World Backup Day – in a world where we carry all sorts of information around on our phones and can run businesses from our laptops, do you know what your backup plan is should the worst happen? This particular day has been marked since 2011 and is a timely reminder that even for those who have a dedicated IT person it’s always good to know there is a plan. On your social media, if your business is in any way IT-related or there’s a lot of data available, this might be something you can work with for your audience. Find out more at and #worldbackupday

So that’s a lot of different themes you can work with over the coming month on those days when you want to take time out from talking about your own products and services.

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