Social Media Content Ideas For March

Well, March is now underway and with that a mix of weather (snow here in Ireland on the 1st!) and quite a few different dates to look forward to with bank holidays and easter countdowns underway.

March is generally one of those months that easily lends itself to different themes outside of your business. That said we’re including some ideas that can be applied generally during this month along with some specific dates that might be suited to your specific industry.

Themes that you might use during March;

  • Spring Cleaning: Spring is a time for fresh starts, and social media can offer tips and tricks for cleaning and decluttering your home, wardrobe, and digital life.
  • Women’s History Month: Celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history on social media, sharing stories of pioneering women and highlighting current female role models.
  • Self-Care Sunday: Encourage followers to take time for themselves each week, a good idea all year round in fact but after a long winter it’s the ideal reminder to start getting set for brighter days ahead.
  • Women’s History Month: Celebrate influential women who have made an impact on society

And themes that you might use on specific dates during March include;

1st March; Global Day Of Unplugging

1st March; St David’s Day

1st March; World Compliment Day

2nd March; Open Data Day

3rd March; World Hearing Day

3rd March; World Wildlife Day

4th March; World Obesity Day

4th March; World Tennis Day

5th March; Absinthe Day

5th March; Sportsmanship Day

6th March; Oreo Cookies Day

7th March; World Book Day

7th March; Alexander Graham Bell Day

8th March; International Women’s Day

8th March; Freelancers Day

9th March; Genealogy Day

9th March; Barbie Day

10th March; Mother’s Day – Ireland and UK

10th March; International Day Of Awesomeness

10th March; Wig Day

10th March; International Bagpipe Day

11th March; World Plumbing Day

11th March; Dream Day

12th March; Organise Your Office Day

13th March; Good Samaritan Day

13th March; Ken Day

14th March; International Day Of Mathematics

14th March; International Ask A Question Day

14th March; World Kidney Day

15th March; World Sleep Day

16th March; Panda Day

17th March; St Patrick’s Day

18th March; Bank Holiday Ireland

18th March; Global Recycling Day

19th March; International Client’s Day

20th March; International Day Of Happiness

20th March; International Data Centre Day

20th March; World Storytelling Day

21st March; International Colour Day

21st March; World Puppetry Day

21st March; World Poetry Day

22nd March; World Water Day

23rd March; World Meteorological Day

24th March; World Tuberculosis Day

24th March; Cocktail Day

25th March; International Waffle Day

26th March; Spinach Day

27th March; World Theatre Day

27th March; International Whiskey Day

27th March; International Scribble Day

28th March; International Women In Music Day

28th March; Wear A Hat Day

29th March; Good Friday

29th March; World Piano Day

29th March; International Mermaid Day

30th March; Earth Hour

31st March; Easter Sunday

31st March; World Backup Day

31st March; Daylight Savings – Clock Goes Forward!

So that’s a lot of different themes you can work with over the coming month on those days when you want to take time out from talking about your products and services.

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