Social Media Content Ideas For March 2022

The first of our bank holiday weekends here in Ireland looms this month, even better that this year we’ve an extra day too. When it comes to business yes it means cramming an extra day’s work into a short week for some, for others though it’s the ideal opportunity to make the most of everybody having some well-earned time off.

We’ve got quite a few different dates this month, some naturally more obvious. However, as we always do we’re going to list the key awareness days as this is a post that’s always read because we know it helps many with inspiration for the days when we need something other than our own business to talk about on social media.

1st March – Pancake Tuesday – a day lots of us enjoy to kick off the month with obvious ideas for your social media if you’re in hospitality, retail or in any food-related business. Now that we’re back to the office this could be the ideal opportunity to show a fun side of what happens behind the scenes, a simple search on Google will show you lots of pancake flipping competitions that were a lot of fun. A simple poll on toppings or even a pancake treat for the team with photos can make for a simple post that your audience will enjoy.

3rd March; World Book Day – an important day in children’s literature, World Book Day has been celebrated over 25 years with participation across the education sector, the focus is on encouraging children to enjoy reading. It’s not for every business but if books are important to you or your audience, how about something as simple a book giveaway? Giveaways are always popular, they should always be relevant to your business though on this and indeed, any other occasion. Find inspiration at

8th March; International Women’s Day – this year’s theme is ]Break The Bias’ as we strive to create a gender equal world. Across the world there will be events and many of our readers will participate in some of these, personally I’ll be enjoying an event organised by the Local Enterprise Office. In your business and on your social media, do something today to highlight the contribution of the women that your customers might not always see, or simply share a greeting. Remember though, today is not about sales. Find ideas and learn more on this event at and follow #InternationalWomensDay #IWD #IDW22

11th March; World Plumbing Day – something many of us take for granted in developed countries, until we have a problem that is, remains a luxury in places across our world. When it comes to social media there are some very obvious fits for business owners in sanitation or facilies management, it’s also of course a good fit for plumbers or those who supply to them. Find out more at

17th March; St Patrick’s Day – our national day is back with a bang this year, after two years without festivities to mark the occasion there are events all across the country. On the day that the whole world celebrates what it is to be Irish, mark it in your own way with a greeting, with a great team night out, with a team dressed up as leprechauns, or something very Irish that works for you. Find out details of local events that you might like to get involved with in some cases, or even simply attend at

18th March; World Sleep Day – this year’s theme sounds idyllic to most of us ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’ and who among us wouldn’t agree that a great night’s sleep really can make all the difference to our day. There are sleep specialists and advisors who will be aware of this day and undoubtedly will have great tips to share. It’s also a day for those in businesses related to bedding and furniture, a little imagination can go a long way. This date however is also an obvious opportunity for tourism, isn’t a good night’s sleep at a hotel something everybody would love? It could also make for a very entertaining social media competition or a behind-the-scenes at the office with a difference. Find out more at

18th March; Bank Holiday in Ireland – an extra bank holiday for all of us and what a great time for it to kick off with a four-day weekend for lots of us. There will, of course, be lots of businesses in hospitality, entertainment and tourism open and each and every one of us should make the most of them given that we couldn’t enjoy them so much over the past two years. Whatever way you spend it, don’t forget to wish everybody well over the bank holiday and remind people of your revised opening hours if you’re trading overseas as while people may know we’re on holiday on the 17th, the 18th won’t be known to all of our customers.

20th March; International Day Of Happiness – we’ve just come out of two years of a pandemic yet find ourselves (at the time of writing) with a newsfeed full of the desperate situation unfolding in Ukraine. Anything can change in a heartbeat and this is a day that reminds us that we should celebrate those important moments that bring us happiness wherever we can because our wellbeing matters. This is a UN observance day and there’s a lot of information on their official site at with tips, webinars, and other ideas that may give you inspiration. Simply aiming to make somebody smile today may well go a long way.

21st March; World Poetry Day = a celebration of poetry, this isn’t a day that will appeal to everybody but if it’s an interest to you there are opportunities to bring it into your social media either through posts or competitions. Find out more on this UNESCO day on the official website.

22nd March; World Water Day – a UN awareness day as of 1993, while we take for granted our access to water this isn’t the case for many across the world. There’s a wealth of information on their official site including social media shareables, have a read and see if this is a good fit for your business at

26th March; Earth Hour – considered an hour where we’re all contributing towards our future, this year we’re all being encouraged to play our part to #ShapeOurFuture. On the official site for this event, there’s a handy post with suggestions for businesses of all sizes, read it at Some businesses lend themselves to the theme more easily than others, remember to share it on your social media though because the earth is everybody’s business and your audience will be happy to see you play your part.

27th March; Mother’s Day – an important day for so many businesses in retail and hospitality, the lunches are being planned and the gifts and cards are already in the shops. It’s one that can be acknowledged with a simple greeting even where your business isn’t a natural fit to celebrate the day.

27th March; Daylight Savings Time – clocks go forward, evenings get brighter.

31st March; World Backup Day – in a world where we carry all sorts of information around on our phones and can run businesses from our laptops, do you know what your backup plan is should the worst happen? This particular day has been marked since 2011 and is a timely reminder that even for those who have a dedicated IT person it’s always good to know there is a plan. On your social media if your business is in any way IT-related or there’s a lot of data available, this might be something you can work with for your audience. Find out more at and #worldbackupday

So that’s a lot of different themes you can work with over the coming month on those days when you want to take time out from talking about your own products and services.

If you’re not sure how you can work with content that isn’t strictly from your business, or indeed you struggle with creating content or a strategy, you might be interested in some of the programmes we offer that support you in growing your business online. Disover more about our support, coaching and training programmes at this link or pop an email to to arrange a no-obligations chat with us to see how we can help you.