Social Media Content Ideas For June

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Almost at the halfway point of the year with brighter days and at times even a glimpse of sunshine (not something we take for granted in Ireland even in summer if you’re reading this from overseas! For those of us in Ireland of course, a lovely long bank holiday weekend too.

In this month’s post in our series, we’ve got, as always, a selection of dates to be mindful of or to include on your social media on the days when you need something a little different from your own business to talk about with Social Media Content Ideas for June.

But first, some themes that aren’t dependent on specific dates;

Embrace The Outdoors: June brings warmer weather and longer days, making it the perfect time to celebrate the great outdoors. Encourage your audience to enjoy outdoor activities, whether it’s hiking, picnics, or trips to the beach. Share visuals of your products or services in outdoor settings if suited to your brand brings a fresh new look, you might also invite people to share their favorite outdoor spots – or better still, your product in their favourite spot!

Exam Season / End Of Term; depending on what age children are they’ll be starting their Junior or Leaving Cert exams if they’re here in Ireland, or finishing up for summer if they’re secondary at the start of June or end of June if they’re younger. In many businesses activity can slow down over the summer months but even where parents or carers aren’t at work, they’re likely out and about in the community and potentially shopping with you. As for students, the pressure is on for a few weeks so if it’s appropriate an end-of-exams type of celebration or deal might be worth considering, for the right business of course.

Summer; if you always create your content from within your office environment, why not try something new now that brighter days are here?

And now, the date specific themes;

1st June – World Milk Day; this was launched in 2001 by the United Nations to encourage people to recognise the importance of milk in all of our diets and also to celebrate the dairy sector worldwide. You can find out more on this date on the official site at and the # is #WorldMilkDay #EnjoyDairy

1st June is also Wear A Dress Day, Nail Polish Day, Hazelnut Cake Day, Dinosaur Day, World Reef Awareness Day, Global Day Of Parents, Go Barefoot Day and Penpal day!!!!!! Clearly these are all serious days of awareness but if you’re running a nail salon couldn’t you do something with Nail Polish Day?

2nd June – Rocky Road Day; that most delicious of treats it seems dates all the way back to Australia 1853! This one might suit a coffee shop or food retailer.

3rd June – Leave The Office Early Day; we simply had to include this for those finishing up for a bank holiday if you’re based here in Ireland!

3rd June – World Bicycle Day; this really is the perfect time of year to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. In addition to the health benefits, cycling is also an affordable means of transport for even the poorest regions of our world. If cycling is something you enjoy or relevant to your business, the official site is at this link and the # is #BikeDay.

3rd June – World Cider Day; a search for information on this date suggests cider has been around for centuries (read this post if you’re curious like me!)

5th June – Bank Holiday Monday; this one is only if you’re in Ireland, one to enjoy if you’re off.

5th June – World Environment Day; the official site at reminds us that there’s only one earth, the official hashtag for the day this year is #BeatPlasticPollution and this is one that can be used by anybody with an interest in our environment.

6th June – D-Day Anniversary; while it’s important to mark dates like this, tread carefully when including a theme like this in your social media so while I’m listing this it’s probably more so that you’re mindful of it.

8th June – World Oceans Day; this year’s theme is “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”Planet Ocean; Tides Are Changing”.

10th June – World Gin Day; a day that can be easily marked within the hospitality sector with a special offer or gin-themed cocktail.

12th June – Superman Day; an interesting theme you might work with, as suggested in our recent post on ideas for conversation starters, simple ideas such as asking your audience about topics such as their superpowers or favourite superheroes can result in a very interesting conversation. Find out more at at

13th June – International Axe Throwing Day; not one for everybody but if you’ve got this as an activity in a sports-related business you might be able to work with it.

14th June – Cupcake Day; these ever-popular delicious treats work very well for any occasion, whether it’s a special birthday or just your morning coffee. The obvious businesses that can work with this include bakers, chefs, cookery schools or retailers. This could also be used as a fundraiser, a fun competition with winners submitting their recipe or finished product for a prize.

14th June – World Blood Donor Day; one of the more important awareness days, here in Ireland the Irish Blood Transfusion Service are asking us all to ‘Give Blood And Keep The World Beating’. As a business a simple share of a post to your audience might make a difference, as individuals if we can contribute in any way you will be helping to make a real difference. The local site here in Ireland to look for information is and the official site by the World Health Organisation is at this link. For your social media, the # is WorldBloodDonorDay.

17th June – Global Garbage Man Day; an essential job and not always a pleasant one, maybe today’s the day you show your appreciation.

17th June – World Juggling Day; this could make for a fun competition if you’ve got any sort of venue that people attend, or an interesting competition if people wanted to submit their video to win a prize.

17th June – International Surfing Day; if you’re fortunate enough to be positioned by the coast in the perfect spot for surfing, this one could work very well for you.

18th June – Father’s Day (Ireland & UK); celebrate all things for fathers today, most retailers will find some way to get involved and for many others a simple greeting is more suited.

18th June – International Picnic Day; falling on a Sunday this is the perfect day to enjoy outdoor experiences and the simple old-fashion picnic is very much back in fashion even if these days it’s more likely to come in a perfect picnic basket over the days of old many of us remember where sand frequently made into your sandwich when you hit the beach! Retailers can work this with picnic packs, it can also make for anybody who enjoys the outdoors with a simple voucher giveaway.

19th June – Take Your Cat To Work Day; thought I’d give this a mention as many who work from home know that they don’t generally get to choose on this one. For those working from home though it might make for an amusing social media post that cat owners everywhere will relate to.

20th June – World Refugee Day; a designated UN day, this year’s theme is ‘Hope Away From Home’ and you can find information on how you might support it in your business at

20th June – World Productivity Day; this is one that lots of businesses can use, something as simple as sharing tips on how to be more productive in your niche may be very well received. It might also serve as a reminder to ensure that you’re as productive as you could be in booking a bit of time to work on your business specifically.

21st June – International Yoga Day; a day to celebrate the wonders of yoga with many new fans taking an interest as online classes were a very welcome distraction as we stayed home more. The official site by the UN encourages us to think of the health benefits of this exercise which dates back some 5,000 years. Find out more at

21st June – World Music Day; this is an easy enough option for many to get involved with, favourite songs or memories evoked by certain tunes are always popular if it’s a good fit for your business that is!

23rd June – Take Your Dog To Work Day; infinitely an easier option than taking the cat (19th June), this could make for some super photos for social media because we all know people stop the scroll when something gets their attention. It also makes for a more enjoyable day for everyone too once in a while.

25th June – Global Beatles Day; whatever age you are you know of a Beatles’ song, for me it was quite the surprise when my 6th class 12yr old picked one of their tunes as his favourite song for his yearbook 😀 Share a tune with your audience, enjoy some music at home or if you’re in any way musically-talented or working in entertainment, why not go live with a difference? The day was selected as it marks the date in 1964 they performed ‘All You Need Is Love’ to some 350 million as part of an Our World TV broadcast.

26th June – World Refrigeration Day; it’s something we all take for granted and realistically a day only those involved in this industry might use, worth noting though that the UN Environment’ OzonAction Programme felt the need to mark it.

27th June – International Pineapple Day; if you’re around food or hospitality you might be able to use this one in some way.

28th June – System Administrator Appreciation Day; this might just be the perfect day to celebrate those people who keep things going in your workplace.

29th June – Lipstick Day; influencers, bloggers, beauty salons, pharmacies, cosmetic brands, make-up artists – this one is made for you. For everybody else, we can celebrate it too in our own way even if that means treating ourselves to a new one!

30th June – Social Media Day; this one gets a mention every year as whilst it’s a day those of us working in social media are very familiar with, it’s a day that many others can mark with a simple greeting or competition too, a means of engaging your audience online whatever your channel of choice. If you’re participating keep track or get involved in the conversation using #SocialMediaDay.

So that’s our suggestions for themes you might use if you need inspiration this month, the next in this series will be back in July but in the meantime stay tuned to our blog and our social media for topics that are relevant to small to medium-sized business owners. Or, subscribe to our newsletter using the link below.