Social Media Content Ideas For July

It might not be quite the weather we’re all hoping for (yet) but schools are out, days are brighter and we’re all out and making the most of what’s generally a little more relaxed time of year.

Over the summer many industries go through a slightly quieter period, at the same time many others will be at a peak as we all make the most of time out over holidays and long weekends. Whichever of those two camps we fall into, our customers will still be online whether that’s sitting in front of the TV or as they relax on a faraway beach somewhere. They might not be so quick to purchase if they’re a little more tuned out but make no mistake, they may still spot your updates so you need to keep up with the content even if you know this is generally not a busy period for sales.

As always we’ve put together a list of themes that you can use in your social media over the course of the month of July for those days when you want to talk about something other than your business;

First up, general themes you can use regardless of the date during July include;

Outdoor activities: with warmer weather, focus on content related to outdoor activities like hiking, camping, picnics, or beach trips. Provide tips, product recommendations, or share customer stories related to these activities.

Summer fashion: if you’re in fashion highlight the latest trends in summer fashion, including clothing, accessories, and footwear. Create lookbooks, style guides, or collaborate with other businesses to showcase your products to a wider audience.

Travel: an obvious one if you’re in the travel industry but for those in our audience who are small business owners that might be closing their business at some point so they can take a proper break, make it part of your content if you’re away during July (or any other part of the year!).

Summer recipes and food: share refreshing recipes, summer cocktails, or tips for barbecuing and outdoor cooking.

Health and fitness: encourage your audience to stay active during the summer months. Share workout routines, healthy recipes, and hydration tips, or highlight local fitness events happening in their area.

Summer reading and entertainment: curate a list of recommended books, movies, or TV shows for the summer. Engage your audience by discussing their favorite summer reads or TV shows, after all who doesn’t like a good box set recommendation?

And now for the date-specific themes that are always popular with our audience here at The Marketing Shop;

International Joke Day – 1st July; if you’ve got a good joke or two why not make somebody smile?

International Chicken Wing Day – 1st July; this is one we like too, one that might suit those in hospitality.

Canada Day – 1st July; one to mark if you’ve got a relevant Canadian connection within your business.

World UFO Day – 2nd July; one for very few businesses but we thought we’d give it a mention, just in case…

International Plastic Bag Free Day – 3rd July; we can still buy them but if you’re a retailer who offers paper bags as some smaller local stores (like one of mine locally) do, why not mention it? If you’ve got a wonderful option on bags for life that’s plastic-free again might be worth a mention today.

Independence Day – 4th July; wherever you are in the world you’ll see any business with a link to the USA give it a shout-out, even American-themed restaurants can get in on the act despite being many miles away. Don’t however try get in on the act just for the sake of it, your audience might find it out of character and their response may well be a little underwhelming.

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day – 6th July; this one made me smile as I know a LOT of webmasters who’d appreciate even a thank you today for a job that can be a lot more challenging than people expect, particularly in recent years when websites were for many the only way to do business. If you’ve got a webmaster in your office, this is the ideal opportunity to give them a shout-out as part of a behind-the-scenes post.

World Chocolate Day – 7th July; did you know that chocolate dates back some 2,500 years?! You’ll know whether this is a fit for your business or if you simply want an excuse to indulge!

World Population Day – 11th July; it seems that here in Ireland the recent census suggests that our population has grown significantly in recent times. As individuals, we may be able to share relevant information on our community, and we might also show our support for an initiative that sits with our brand values.

New Conversations Day – 12th July; possibly not an international day but quite a nice idea that’s worth adopting, simply start a new conversation with a new person you come across and that simple kindness might make a difference. A nice idea for your social media too if you think about it…

Embrace Your Geekness Day – 13th July; we like the idea of this one, we’ve all got quirks and sometimes these are the things that make you memorable with others. If there’s something that fits with your social media themes, this is an opportunity to stand out.

International Rock Day – 13th July; one that could be used cleverly for those in the construction/landscaping sector, this is a day that aims to educate on the numerous options we have available throughout the world.

Bastille Day – 14th July; a little closer to home than the USA, this is France’s national day and one that’s celebrated on the same day every year. If you’ve got French connections in business give them a shout-out, perhaps feature some French employees and their celebrations for the day, or if you’ve got the opportunity to perhaps come up with a few French food ideas or promotions for a retail or restaurant environment too.

Wimbledon Finals – 15th July; if tennis is of interest to you or your business this might be a theme you can work with for this day.

World Emoji Day – 17th July; with a name and a history stemming from Japan (e = picture, moji = character), these wonderful little colourful images can communicate where sometimes words don’t suit. Brighten up your social media on the day, in many cases, people respond favourably to them from businesses but not on every platform and certainly not for every post either!

World Listening Day – 18th July; a lot of individuals and businesses don’t listen nearly as much as they share what they want to say. Use this day to take some time out just to listen, you might be pleasantly surprised to find it de-stresses you too.

Gorgeous Grandma Day – 23rd July; an interesting idea but one many can use in their business, or, if you’re fortunate enough to have a fabulous grandmother in your life let them know you appreciate them.

Wine & Cheese Day – 25th July; one many of us will happily get on board with personally, for business it’s an opportunity for promotion where food or wine is relevant to you, chances are it’ll be a hit with your customers.

Aunt & Uncle Day – 26th July; not quite certain whether this is an international day or not but we think it’s a great idea, these special men and women in the lives of children deserve a day to thank them for everything they do.

System Administrator Appreciation Day – 28th July; we like this idea and think it’s especially appropriate for the times we’re in as for many businesses systems have gone through unprecedented changes and coped with demands that aren’t the norm. Perhaps as a business, it’s a day to give those who normally aren’t seen in the public-facing areas of the business but are crucial to its success.

Lipstick Day – 29th July; thought to exist for around 5,000 years it’s said that Winston Churchill thought they were such amazing morale boosters that production wasn’t curtailed even during WWII. Celebrate it if you’re in the beauty business and for everybody else, why not dress up in your favourite or pick up a new one!

International Day Of Friendship – 30th July; celebrate what’s great about friends, pick up the phone or arrange a catch-up. As a business consider a promotion where you might offer a deal or a prize for somebody to treat their friend too.

Paperback Book Day – 30th July; you’re reading this article online and it’s increasingly the first choice for many of us when it comes to reading now but there’s something special about curling up with a really good book that no device can compete with. Mark the day by sharing a paperback you’re reading or think about a giveaway, selecting a book in your business area.

And that completes our round-up of themes that might be useful during the month of July on those days when you want something other than your business to discuss.

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