Social Media Content Ideas For January 2022

social media content ideas for january 2022

Well another new year is upon us, still not quite the January we were hoping for but we’re in a better place than this time last year and 2022 will see us enjoy a life more like it used to be at some point – soon!

This time of year in business is always about plans, strategy and getting set for the year ahead and in the coming weeks we have a couple of updates to share with you that are designed for small business owners, stay tuned to our blog or sign up to our newsletter (link below) to ensure you’re up to date/

As always we start a new month with some themes for your social media, in over three years these updates have proved to be very popular so they will run throughout 2022 also here on our website with details on our social media also – connect with us on the link in the footer if you haven’t yet 🙂

And so, this month’s round-up of themes for those times inspiration is in short supply is as follows;

1st January – New Year’s Day; an obvious one for everyone to incorporate into their social media in some way. If you’re officially on holiday for another few days yet it’s perfectly acceptable to break your social media silence with a greeting or if you prefer, you can simply hold off until you’re back to business.

2nd January – World Introvert Day; while it may appear from glancing at your social media that the world is full of extroverts these days, it’s most definitely not the case even where people feel the need to act the part, particularly in the workplace. Introverts are an essential part of any team, the part of a team that your audience never gets to see because they like to solve problems and get things done behind the scenes. If it’s something that feels right for you as a personal brand or that you feel is appropriate for your business, discover some ideas for marking the day and the benefits of working with some introverts on the official website at introvertdear.com or follow #WorldIntrovertDay

3rd January – Festival Of Sleep Day; although we couldn’t find an official source for this one, we quite like the idea and suspect many social media users will quite like it too. Could make for an amusing update or competition, a change from festive and new year updates before we get back to business properly.

4th January – World Hypnotism Day; an interesting one but not for everyone, those who are familiar with this niche will no doubt have their plans in place. If it’s of personal interest though there might be an opportunity to even share your own tales whether it was for personal or professional development, or quite simply entertainment.

6th January – Back To School; not strictly an awareness day but a major event for families everywhere and the festive season comes to a halt.

6th January – Women’s Little Christmas; celebrate the women in your life or, if you’re a woman mark the day with friends. A lot of hospitality businesses will be mindful of this and will know it’s always a good day for restaurant bookings.

7th January – National Sickies Day; yes that is what you just read it as, apparently it’s a day we’re statistically more inclined to call in sick. We’re not highlighting it so that you’re forewarned but perhaps be mindful that it’s recognised people are likely to be a bit restless – or less focused on their work and more interested in anything that appeals to them on social media 😉

14th January – Dress Up Your Pet Day; a fun opportunity to share your four-legged friends with your audience, great for engagement posts even if you’re not a pet-related business as we all know a well-dress dog or cat photo can go a very long way online!

17th January – Blue Monday; considered the most depressing day of the year why not mark it with a twist to make people smile on your social media.

21st January – Hugging Day; perhaps not one you can mark at work or as you would with friends and family either but where appropriate you might think about a competition to send a ‘virtual hug’ in the form of a prize to a deserving winner. Or, on a personal level make it a day to remember those you can hug as it’s always good to remind people they matter.

22nd January – Celebration Of Life Day; this day is designed to celebrate the children in our lives, for social media it’s an opportunity which many industries can incorporate into their content even if it’s something you decide to mix with a little about the business too.

24th January – Global Belly Laugh Day; in these unusual times why not think of how you can make your audience smile, a little imagination and this really can be used in any industry as a post or indeed, a competition that aims to make people smile for more than just the day itself.

25th January – Irish Coffee Day; thought to originate in Limerick in 1942, the Irish Coffee is popular across the world and naturally lends itself to bars, restaurants or anybody involved in the sale of alcohol.

26th January – Australia Day; although we’re based in Ireland, we’re mindful that we have readers from different parts of the world and that many of you will have a connection with Australia or that you might have an audience in Australia too. If you have a genuine Australian connection, as with all such national days think about whether you can mark it – often these are the days that people remember when it resonates with them too.

27th January – Chocolate Cake Day; one that lots of us can get on board with. If you’re not selling cake or baking it, why not just enjoy some with friends or colleagues even if it has to be virtual – all very shareable on social media if it works for your business.

28th January – International Lego Day; we’re all aware of the famous plastic bricks and if your immediate thought is that you’d like to do something with this for your social media, you know it’s right for you. A fun yet educational toy with an option for every age, it’s one of the most powerful brands in the world and many household names have collaborated with them as this is one that really is all about your imagination.

29th January – Puzzle Day; who doesn’t love a good puzzle or challenge to brighten up their day? You can incorporate all sorts of puzzles into your business if it’s a good fit with clues on your website to drive traffic or answers on your social media to drive engagement.

So that’s our round-up of themes that you might like to incorporate into your social media during January 2022.

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