Social Media Content Ideas For February

After a slow start to the year, if you’re based here in Ireland, you’re kicking off February with a brand new bank holiday – yay!

We always share a post on our blog with themes that might be useful during the coming month on our blog and this February is no exception, starting first of all with a number of themes that can be used throughout the month;

Love & Relationships: With Valentine’s Day falling in February, this theme can focus on all things love, relationships, and self-care.g, etc.

Fitness & Wellness: February is Heart Health Month, making it a great time to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and healthy eating habits especially as some of us may have given up on the New Year resolutions by now!

Creative Hobbies: Share and showcase your favorite creative hobbies such as painting, drawing, photography, or writing. Encourage others to try new things and share their own work. A handy one if you’ve got little ones to entertain over a mid-term break too!

And then we’ve got specific themes for dates, this is our pick that you might be glad to know of when you want to share something other than your business;

1st February – St Brigid’s Day

2nd February – Six Nations Gets Underway, Ireland’s first match

2nd February – 2FA Day

3rd February – World Read Aloud Day

4th February – World Cancer Day

5th February – World Nutella Day

5th February – Bank Holiday Monday (Ireland)

6th February – Safer Internet Day

7th February – World Ballet Day

8th February – Opera Day

9th February – Pizza Day

10th February – Chinese New Year

11th February – International Day Of Women & Girls In Science

11th February – World Day Of The Sick

11th February – World Marriage Day

12th February – Clean Out Your Computer Day

12th February – School Midterm Break (Ireland)

13th February – Pancake Tuesday

13th February – World Radio Day

13th February – Galentine’s Day

14th February – Valentine’s Day

14th February – International Book Giving Day

15th February – World Hippo Day

16th February – Innovation Day

17th February – Random Acts Of Kindness Day

17th February – World Human Spirit Day

18th February – Pluto Day

19th February – Tug Of War Day

20th February – International LEGO Claccicism Day

21st February – International Mother Language Day

22nd February – World Yoga Day

22nd February – World Thinking Day

23rd February – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

24th February – World Bartender Day

25th February – Chocolate Covered Nut Day

26th February – Tell A Fairy Tale Day

27th February – World NGO Day

27th February – No Brainer Day

28th February – Pink Day

28th February – Tooth Fairy Day

29th February – Leap Year Day

We know that ultimately you’re on social media to sell your products or services but it’s good to acknowledge local or important events as appropriate too. If you find that you struggle to come up with content on other occasions, The Big List Of 101 Social Media & Blog Content Ideas which is our free guide to content themes with something for every business will come in handy. Get your copy at this link.

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