Social Media Content Ideas For February 2022

The year seems to be whizzing past us, the boost of restrictions easing so quickly is definitely a factor as all around us there’s a very positive atmosphere as we move towards the next chapter.

We always share a post on our blog with themes that might be useful during the coming month on our blog and this February is no exception, this is our pick of dates that you might be glad to know of when you don’t want to share details of just your business.

3rd February – World Read Aloud Day; a date that might suit those working in education or with children, you can find out more on this date at litworld.org

4th February – World Cancer Day; this year the theme is ‘Close The Care Gap’ and you can discover more on the # which is #CloseTheCareGap. This is an illness that impacts every family at some point and many will participate on a personal or business basis in an event that contributes to various related charities over the course of a year. If you’d like to become involved in the course of your business the official site which has ideas is available at worldcancerday.org and of course, closer to home it’s worth checking out the Irish Cancer Society.

5th February – Six Nations; first up is Ireland v Wales and no doubt those in hospitality, in particular, are all set up to enjoy the tournament. If you’re a fan you’ve probably got the dates already in the diary, as a business you can join in by simply wishing your team well but only if it’s a good fit for your brand and your audience will be interested.

5th February – World Nutella Day; a commercial event that’s taken off in recent years, a day though that can be used to your advantage if you’re in hospitality or retail and of course, in your social media. Find out more on the day at nutelladay.com or #WorldNutellaDay

8th February – Safer Internet Day; an EU-wide initiative designed to make the web a safer place for all of us, there’s a wealth of information available for those of you who have the right audience at webwise.ie

14th February – Valentines Day; what can we suggest about this other than use it to your advantage in just about any industry you can think of. There are ample opportunities for competitions, social media, special offers or, if you’re feeling creative something very different that might just make your business stand out for the sea of red and pink that envelops the world around us and the web at this time every year.

17th February – Random Acts Of Kindness Day; this is a nice day that any business or individual can do something about. You don’t have to broadcast to everybody that you’ve done something but if you decide to do something, you can use your social media or other marketing channels such as email to encourage others to do something random but kind too. Get some ideas at randomactsofkindness.org or #RandomActsOfKindnessDay.

21st February (or thereabouts) – School Mid-Term Break; although dates may vary a little by the school, it seems the majority are due to take a break on the 21st and if you check out what’s relevant to your area or your audience if you’re looking at social media, there are many options that those enjoying some time out will appreciate.

27th February – World NGO Day; you can follow #WorldNGODay to find events local to you but essentially this day is marked to highlight the work various NGOs do throughout the world each and every day. If you’re thinking about corporate responsibility, this might be just the day for you to support some local causes that are close to you.

We know that ultimately you’re on social media in order to sell your own products or services but it’s good to acknowledge local or important events as appropriate too. If you find that you struggle to come up with content on other occasions, The Big List Of 101 Social Media & Blog Content Ideas which is our free guide to content themes with something for every business will come in handy. Get your free copy at this link.

And if you’d like help with content marketing, social media or marketing, check out the services we offer to support your business or work with you 1:1 as we know there’s a fit for just about everyone.

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