Social Media Content Ideas For December 2021

We’re into the final weeks of 2021 now, a little different from how we hoped the year would end as we looked forward this time last year but for most of us we’re still looking towards Christmas and the thoughts of what should be a brighter year ahead.

December naturally lends itself to more seasonal themes for content than other times of the year. For those who might not be in full-on sales mode or who perhaps just need a little something extra aside from their own business to share on social, our monthly post shares yet again a selection of themes you might choose to use during the course of the month.

3rd December – Disability Day; a United Nations awareness day that’s important for everyone, find out how your business can be involved on the Disability Federation‘s website where you’ll find information, social media packs. You can also follow #IDPWD21 or #PurpleLights21

4th December – Cookie Day; many of us don’t need an excuse for a little baking or a favourite cookie but for those in businesses such as coffee shops or food retail you might use the chance to run a promotion or if you’re working with children how about a cookie demo even over Zoom?

5th December – International Volunteers Day; with a theme of ‘Strengthen Solidarity Through Inclusion’ you can find out more on what’s involved at https://www.volunteer.ie/event/ivd/

9th December – Techno Day; a day dedicated to the style of music, not one for every business but if you do fancy sharing a favourite tune or you personally have an interest you can find out more by following #technoday.

10th December – Human Rights Day; this year’s theme is ‘Equality – Reducing Inequalities, Advancing Human Rights. You can find out more on the official UN site at https://www.un.org/en/observances/human-rights-day

10th December – Christmas Jumper Day; this is one lots of businesses can take part in even where some of the team are remote at the moment as you’re essentially wearing your best festive jumper with a goal to raise funds for a worthy cause. A scan of the web brings me to local causes including Cystic Fibrosis IrelandCork Simon CommunityFocus IrelandThe Alzheimer Society Of IrelandLaura Lynn – and there will indeed be many more in your local community or that means something to your business.

12th December – Gingerbread House Day; a simple but enjoyable festive day, one that can be used within hospitality or any business that deals with children or families too.

21st December – Winter Solstice; our shortest day of the year when most people will be knee-deep in everything festive and from here on the days will start to get longer again too.

24th December – Christmas Eve;  many businesses will already be off work by this time but for those who are still open right up to Christmas Eve a simple festive greeting or a photo of the team is a nice way to sign off before you head home to enjoy some well-earned time off.

25th December – Christmas Day; a day off with a difference for most of us, for online retailers though this can be a day of business. If you do feel the need to post on Christmas Day be mindful of how it’s done, it’s considered a day for family and friends and even though many more of us will be in our own homes this year as opposed to taking part in big gatherings, don’t consider it an opportunity to try sell!!! It’s perfectly fine to wish your customers a Happy Christmas on the day you’re closing, if you’re not back until the new year include a new year’s greeting which you can then follow up on in January.

26th December – St Stephen’s Day (Ireland) or Boxing Day (UK); the world around us continues to change but it’s likely this year many of us will be at home even if that’s shopping online. If you’re back to business on the 26th make sure to post in advance of your Christmas break that you are open along with the hours which should also be posted on your website and/or newsletter if you’ve got one too. If you’re open only online make sure to note that where people will find it. And remember, if you’re taking time off be clear on that too as people to understand that everybody needs a break at times and will wait for your return.

27th & 28th December – Bank Holidays (Ireland); as Christmas Day falls on a Saturday this year it would seem that Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th are a Bank Holiday this year but not a public holiday so it doesn’t necessarily entitle you to time off work. Seems a lot of people were searching for this online, the most straightforward answer I found on this was on The Irish Mirror’s website.

31st December – New Year’s Eve; we’re probably all looking forward to New Year’s Eve this year more than ever before, 2021 is a new chapter for every one of us and while even a simple Happy New Year works, don’t forget anything people need to know about your trading hours, reservations, etc over this time.

It’s been yet again a year with a difference, not all of it good, and yes we’ve been dealt another blow as we move into December but as all businesses do, we keep everything going and stay as optimistic while looking forward to the next chapter and for all of us a hopefully much brighter new year in 2022.

If you need help with planning for social media, creating content, support for marketing, a strategy for the year ahead or your website needs a makeover, pop an email to debbie@thmarketingshop.ie and we can schedule a call for December or January to discuss your requirements.

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