Social Media Content Ideas For April 2022

social media content ideas april 2022 by the marketing shop

April already and brighter days, longer evenings, time out from work and school, and, as with all months, plans to make for the month ahead. As always we’ve got a selection of dates that might be useful for themes to use in your social media during the month ahead.

1st April – April Fools; with different time zones for customers, this can go for a lot longer than the 12 noon cut-off we tend to think of. Be careful though, some April Fools don’t end up as planned in business (like these!).

2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day; a UN-designated awareness day, the theme this year is ‘Inclusive Quality Education For All2 In recent years businesses in many sectors have come a long way when it comes to creating the right environment for customers that need a little less stress during a visit, for example, I see it in local stores who don’t have their usual music and slightly dimmed lighting at a dedicated time. Everything we can all do makes a difference, even if it’s simply making a donation or encouraging customers to make a difference. Find out more at autism.ie or un.org/observances/autism-day/

2nd April – International Pillow Fight Day; apparently this got its inspiration from the movie Fight Club, thankfully making its way to a more fun way of fighting with pillows. Furniture retailers, homewares stores, or an entertainment venue could have a bit of fun with this, makes for a fun social media campaign too.

4th April – International Carrot Day; with roots dating back to Asia apparently, the humble carrot is a staple of all of our diets. A simple one to implement into a dish for those in hospitality, and easy special for a coffee shop or restaurant with carrot cake a special on the day.

6th April – World Table Tennis Day; not one for everybody but you have an avid player on the team or you’re a sporting venue, it’s a simple game that everybody can have a go at so you can work easily with it on social too.

7th April – No Housework Day; we think this is a US idea but are quite happy to recommend a day off (within reason) in the home too because time out is good for us all. If your business was in the hygiene sector or your audience is families, this might be a handy topic to work with on this day too.

7th April – World Health Day; an important one, probably more now than ever as we’re all moving on from a time when our lifestyle and diets changed as we lived differently. This year’s theme is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ and you can learn more about this on the World Health Organisation’s site at who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2022 and the # is #HealthierTomorrow. There are lots of ways you can work with this even where your niche isn’t the more obvious areas around nutrition, health, fitness, or lifestyle.

8th April – Easter School Holidays; if you’re a parent or your audience is families you’ll have this date marked on the calendar already, it can be used on your social media too for updates, promotions, or competitions by lots of other businesses too.

12th April – Deskfast Day; not quite sure about this one and it may be for certain markets or just for social media but it’s not a bad idea. We’ve always been told breakfast is an important meal every day, however, we’ve all had a day when we overslept or, we’re not overly keen on eating first thing (usually a couple of hours at least for me). You might create a ‘Deskfast’ coffee morning, or invite people to share their ‘deskfast’ on your social media and include #deskfastday.

13th April – International Day Of Pink or International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, And Transmisogyny Across The World; one of the longest titles for an awareness day but probably one of the most important ones for so many too. Every business can take part internally or externally, marking it publicly can be as simple as including pink in your updates or on photos of your team. The important part however is that a day like this isn’t simply for likes or engagement, the message is vital to working this effectively in any business. Find more or inspiration at #DayOfPink or #InternationalDayOfPink

15th April – International Microvolunteering Day; you might use this in several ways, as a company you might give something back. Or you might arrange that your team members get time out to work on a personal project that gives something back. You don’t have to do it all on the 15th, your business still has to run after all. But, if you decide to do something you might announce it on this day and then follow up on your blog/website/social media as the events take place giving you content for several occasions. Look for ideas at #MicrovolunteeringDay or #InternationalMicrovolunteering

16th April – Record Store Day; those of us who might appreciate this most are of a certain age range, thought I’d mention it though as even if you can’t include it on your social media, I quite enjoy a trip to a local record store as downloads are great but you really can’t beat vinyl or even a CD for yourself or as a gift. And it’s in the spirit of supporting local business too. If it works for your brand you might even decide to share your purchases using #RecordStoreDay

17th April – Easter Sunday; easy to work with for just about any business, most of us after all do enjoy this chocolate-fest. For those in any way working with food, a simple recipe that incorporates easter eggs (like this easter egg hot chocolate!) or chocolate easter egg desserts are always an idea. If you’re in hospitality or tourism the day is already marked as a busy time and simple treats like easter eggs for children can go a long way. You can also run an easter giveaway with prizes that tie in with your business, keep it light and relevant but show a human side to what happens behind the scenes too.

18th April – World Heritage Day and Bank Holiday; a great combination and again something that’s easily worked into your social media, particularly if you’re trading in this sector or are connected with travel or tourism in any way. Or you might simply decide to support a location close to you as an enjoyable day out with family or friends. Find inspiration at worldheritageireland.ie or #WorldHeritageDay

20th April – Administrative Professionals Day; one of the most important elements of any business, why not give your admin team a shout-out on the day? Or your virtual admins if that’s how you work.

21st April – World Creativity And Innovation Day; we love this idea and a day to celebrate it specifically too. It’s one that you can use in all sorts of businesses, it’s all about thinking creatively in how you use it and if you’re smart you can announce or even tease a new innovation on this day. Find ideas and inspiration at worldcreativityday.com or #CreativityDay

22nd April – World Earth Day; an important one for all of us and a day that can be marked in all sorts of ways, particularly in certain sectors when environmental awareness is an important part of your work. This year’s theme is ‘Invest In Our Plant’ and you can learn more on the official site at worldearthday.org or #EarthDay #WorldEarthDay

23rd April – World Book Night; digital is amazing but for many of us, you can’t beat a real book. If books are important to you, your brand, or your business you can share what you’re reading, invite others to share what they’re currently enjoying, make some professional recommendations, or simply run a giveaway that’s relevant to your business. You’ll find ideas and quite probably a few new titles to add to your reading list at worldbooknight.org or #WorldBookNight

27th April – Tell A Story Day; this is one of those days that’s probably more about social media than any offline occasion but it’s a good one to incorporate into your social media because who after all doesn’t have a story? If you haven’t ever shared your story, maybe do it today or spend time looking at how you might share some time soon? Follow it on #TellAStoryDay

28th April – Global Pay It Forward Day; this might be for your personal life as much as your business, you may or may not wish to share the details but if you decide to do something and feel it’s worth sharing today is a good day to do this. #GlobalPayItForwardDay or payitforwardday.com will give you a few ideas.

29th April – Friday Of A Bank Holiday Weekend; don’t forget to update opening hours as it’s not a holiday weekend in every market.

30th April – World Veterinary Day; is not celebrated as much as it should be, this could be an interesting option for those with pets who are a part of their social media content. Check out #VetinaryDay or #WorldVetinaryDay for inspiration.

So, that’s a bumper list of awareness days during April 2022 with something that will work for just about every industry so you don’t have to struggle for inspiration in your social media.

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