Social Media Content Ideas For April

social media content ideas for april

April already and brighter days, longer evenings, time out from work and school, and, as with all months, plans to make for the month ahead. As always we’ve got a selection of dates that might be useful for themes to use in your social media during the month ahead but first some general themes that work for more than just one date during April;

Spring Cleaning – whether you’re working in social media and have advice for de-cluttering your various platforms, you’re a VA with great tips on reaching an inbox zero, a gardener with great tips for taking control of your outdoors, a beautician who can tell you what to ditch when it comes to your make-up bag, an IT company who can help you tidy up that desktop, or indeed a cleaning company who can help you clear up and de-clutter in your home, there’s an angle for just about everybody with this one.

Easter – by the time you read this Easter Sunday may well be behind you but don’t forget there’s school holidays until 8th April so it’s still relevant to refer to easter while your potential clients may be enjoying time off work on an easter break.

Awareness months – while there are specific dates that are designated to various causes and campaigns, in many cases there are specific months and you can incorporate some of these into your marketing for April across more than just your social media where it’s appropriate. During April 2024, some of the awareness themes include Stress Awareness, Autism Acceptance, Jazz Appreciation, Gardens, Parkinsons’ Disease Awareness, and Decorating. Do a search on any of these for inspiration if it’s something that might be suited to your business.

And now on to the individual awareness days, for April there’s lots to work with including;

1st April – Easter Monday; today’s a day off work for lots of us but for those in businesses such as retail or hospitality it’s a busy day and as it’s a bank holiday, ensure if you’ve got different opening hours or if a reservation is essential, that it’s clearly visible on your website and social media.

1st April – April Fools

2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day

2nd April – International Fact-Checking Day

3rd April – World Cloud Security Day

4th April – International Carrot Day

4th April – World Drummers Day

4th April – World Table Tennis Day

5th April – International Day Of Conscience

6th April – International Pillow Fight Day

6th April – International Fun At Work Day

7th April – No Housework Day

7th April – World Health Day

8th April – Zoo Lovers Day

9th April – The Marketing Shop’s Canva Training; not an awareness day but we’re going to mention it just to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to really get to grips with Canva. Find all the details here.

9th April – Identity Management Day

10th April – International Day Of Pink

11th April – Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

12th April – Walk On Your Wild Side Day

12th April – Deskfast Day

13th April – Scrabble Day

14th April – International Moment Of Laughter Day

15th April – International Microvolunteering Day

15th April – World Art Day

16th April – Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

17th April – Banana Day

18th April – World Heritage Day

18th April – International Day For Monuments And Sites

19th April – Poetry And The Creative Mind Day

20th April – Record Store Day

21st April – World Creativity And Innovation Day

22nd April – World Earth Day

23rd April – LinkedIn The Next Level; our collaboration with Hanna McDonnell Marketing, a morning designed to take your LinkedIn networking to the next level, find out everything you need to know here.

23rd April – World Book Day

24th April – Administrative Professionals Day

25th April – Thank You Thursday

26th April – Get Organised Day

26th April – World Intellectual Property Day

27th April – World Healing Day

27th April – Design Day

27th April – Independent Book Store Day

28th April – Global Pay It Forward Day

28th April – World Day For Safety & Health At Work

28th April – Superhero Day

28th April – Global Pay It Forward Day

28th April – Superhero Day

29th April – World Wish Day

30th April – Day Of The Child

30th April – Honesty Day

So, that’s a bumper list of awareness days during April 2024 with something that will work for just about every industry so you don’t have to struggle for inspiration in your social media.

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Have a great month!