Share The Love Over Valentine’s Day Through Your Marketing

valentines day marketing

Yes, it’s time for that feast of hearts and flowers and all things red and pink, with it being on a Monday there’s ample opportunity too for businesses to cash in over an extended weekend.

If you’re not one of the industries that are traditionally associated with all things romantic, you can still get involved – within reason!

Your customers – how about sharing the love for your customers or your online audience on the day, a simple thank you can go a very long way.

Your website – this isn’t one for everyone but if your business happens to have the type of products or services people might associate with romance or Valentine’s Day such as a restaurant or a florist, it’s an idea to have a reference to Valentine’s Day on there. If you can’t or don’t want to tweak the design the blog (which I recommend every business use!) is perfect for sharing content that will far outlast this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Packaging – a little note with a rhyme or something else quirky or fun that relates to Valentine’s might not cost a lot but will make the recipient smile – and remember you!

Decorations – some retailers will have the decorative hearts in place as soon as the Christmas tree comes down, if you’re selling relevant products in a public location you can quite easily do the same without even needing to spend a whole lot either.

A giveaway – normally I’d recommend that a giveaway should always relate to the products or services that you sell. An exception to this though is the special occasion giveaway, think about how you phrase the giveaway though. And think about who your audience is too, if you’ve got a very masculine audience they’re not likely to be jumping for joy at the prospect of a bouquet of flowers?

A simple social media greeting – simple and to the point but again think about who you’re talking to. If your social media tends to be a little technical or formal, turning up for just one day with a brilliantly bright Valentine’s post can speak of desperation for engagement. If you’re not sure whether to even do anything spend a little time on Google, you’d be amazed at the industries that find a way to connect with it.

Events – it’s boom time for restaurants and all sorts of venues and for this year after some strange times, it’s good to think they’ll be able to trade at full capacity again. How about running a Galentine’s event i.e. the day before, one that’s not about the romance? Or a quirky lunchtime event for those who don’t really feel the need to go all out for a romantic night out with crowds of other people?

Specials – special offers, special dishes – there are lots of options. You don’t have to discount all the time, you are in business to make money after all but little gestures can go a long way.

Valentine’s Day marketing is a little different than your regular marketing campaign. It’s about celebrating love, not about making money and if you get it right you might just feel the customer love over the longer term!