September Social Media Content Ideas

september social media content ideas

Another month begins and as we head into September, there’s a real autumn feel about everything as leaves fall, schools go back and the first of the Halloween decorations make an appearance in shops!

In the latest edition of our monthly posts on themes for the month – which hit year 6 this month (!!) – we’ve got some ideas to inspire you on those days when you want something other than your own business to think about.

To start with, a couple of themes that aren’t date dependent;

  • Share tips for staying organised as schools and businesses get back to normal.
  • Post recipes for comfort foods for darker days, even better if there are seasonal elements and they’re healthy too.
  • Share images and quotes about autumnal beauty.
  • Feature customer stories or case studies about how your product or service might suit this time of year.
  • Share information about upcoming events and promotions that relate to the autumn season.
  • Share articles, images, and videos related to fun seasonal activities that people can do this month.

And of course, as always we’ve got some key dates that might suit some of you specifically on days you need something other than your own business to talk about;

Start September -Back To School (Ireland);

  • 2nd September – World Beard Day; the ideal day for a barber’s promotion or male grooming products.
  • 5th September – International Day Of Charity; if you’re involved with a particular cause, today’s the perfect day to give them a shout-out.
  • 6th September – Fight Procrastination Day; share a tip that helps you get things done, specific to your niche is even better.
  • 7th September – National Coffee Day; baristas, coffee shops and hospitality can use this effectively. It’s also Beer Lovers Day, so bars, retailers, and restaurants might use this option too.
  • 8th September – International Literacy Day; if your business involves education or teaching, this might offer ideas for you.
  • 8th September – Star Trek Day; if you’ve made it clear this is an interest or you know your audience will understand the sentiment this can work for some businesses.
  • 8th & 9th September; Rugby World Cup – tournament starts on Friday 8th with Ireland’s first game against Romania on Saturday 9th, a theme that definitely works for those in pubs and that can be adapted to suit lots of businesses where there’s a rugby fan(s) on the team.
  • 10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day; an appropriate day for a fund-raiser or shout-out for a very worthy cause.
  • 10th September – Grandparents Day; well-deserved and an opportunity for many to say thanks.
  • 11th September – Patriot Day; where appropriate such as in US-led firms you might mention this, this is about remembering.
  • 13th September – Positive Thinking Day; we could all do with a little more positivity, sharing a quote is a simple way to join in and even better if you can tie it into your business.
  • 13th September – Roald Dahl Day; this is one that suits schools, book stores or those who enjoyed the works of Roald Dahl, and more importantly believe their audience will appreciate it too.
  • 15th September – Green Peace Day; a mention if this relates to your industry, not for everybody but some will be mindful that it’s coming up as it’s of interest and their audience may well be interested too.
  • 16th September – Batman Day; one for fans or those who know their audience will be in tune with them only.
  • 17th September – Tradesmen Day; those who keep the lights on, the taps running, cars on the road and even our hair looking good. Frequently they don’t get the kudos they deserve so if you’re a tradesperson or you deal with them, today’s a day to note it in some way or other.
  • 21st September – World Gratitude Day; even on the worst of days we’ve all got something to be grateful for. Today perhaps you might want to highlight something or give somebody a shout-out.
  • 22nd September – World Car Free Day; in an ideal world we’d all play our part in this but it’s not always an option. If your workplace is encouraging people to cycle to work or you’re finding a way of reducing car use even on this one day, share it on your social media.
  • 24th September Black Friday Countdown (it’s on 24th November 2023); it’s never too early to get organised, as of the 25th September you’ve got two months to Black Friday so the marketing starts now.
  • 25th September – World Pharmacist’s Day; is the ideal day for pharmacies to run a promotion or for those who supply to pharmacies to show their appreciation.
  • 27th September – World Tourism Day; one for those involved directly in the tourism or hospitality sectors, keep an eye out for activities in your locality or industry that you might get involved with.
  • 29th September – World Heart Day; you might opt to share some information from an official source. You might run a fundraiser. If you are in the food industry you might share some heart-healthy recipes. Fitness experts can use this also as there’s always an excuse to get fitter and healthier when it comes to heart health.
  • 30th September – International Podcast Day; podcasts are the chosen content of choice for many. Why not make some recommendations from your industry today? Or ask for recommendations for your audience? And of course, if you’ve got a podcast make sure you’re getting it out everywhere possible today with any relevant hashtags too.
  • Halloween countdown; you’ve possibly already seen the sight of a pumpkin or black cat? Halloween seems to start earlier each year and where you’ve got an appropriate product or service you can start the marketing publicly once we hit the 1st October, plans can start the minute you read this post though.

September is a special month with lots of notable days and events. If you’re looking for social media support to help you capitalize on these dates, get in touch with us at The Marketing Shop by email

We can help make your marketing calendar shine this September!