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So you’ve been thinking about an online programme or membership for some time now but for one reason or another (usually time or technology?!), your big idea hasn’t quite happened as planned?

Maybe you’re not sure where to start — or how to start. Or, maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have time” for this or that reason. And, maybe you’re trying to balance all the things you have going on right now, like work, kids, home, social life and everything else that comes up to surprise you?

There’s just no time. Regardless of your reasoning for not getting started or putting it off, as business owners, we’ve all been there.

The truth is, life is busy. But if you want to make a change and pursue your dreams, you’re going to have to do some things that might be a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes all it takes is a little push to generate some momentum. And that momentum will propel you forward.

Well, if you’ve been looking for that sign to finally get started, then this is it. It’s called Plan It Build It and it takes place Thursday 26th January!

This is a specially designed get-it-done package to help you create an AMAZING Online Programme or Membership… and finally, get your paid content out into the world!

At The Marketing Shop, the idea for our programme Making Sense Of Marketing came about several years back, there are several other courses at different stages of development too so I completely understand that it’s not something that will happen overnight. I’ve got the invoices to prove I tried many platforms on this journey, and memories of many hours of frustration along the way too!

Having looked at every app you can think of (and more!), I discovered Searchie and finally got the course that I’d been thinking of to live, launching ‘Making Sense Of Marketing’ in 2022. So, I absolutely know all about the challenges involved.

I love the flexibility of Searchie and the opportunities it presents as a marketer, content creator and business owner and as for the features the inbuilt video recording, AI-powered transcription, the ability to easily search for content and the ability to make it work as I want my audience to enjoy it – and I’ve still got more to explore!

And, as any of you following me on social media or my blog may know, I’m an official Canva Champion so a huge plus for me was the fact that Searchie and Canva work effortlessly together so you don’t need to integrate all sorts of third-party tools!

With Plan It Build It, I can virtually guarantee that you’ll make more progress in a few short weeks than you would on your own.

In Part 1 – Plan It, you’ll figure out who you serve, how you help, what you’ll create, how to price it, map it out, create your content, and so much more.

Then in Part 2 – Build It, the incredible Team Searchie will walk you through click-by-click how to set it up.

(If you’re not a techie or not sure which platform to use, then this is absolutely the programme for you!)

Bottom line, with Plan It Build It by Searchie, you’ll have everything you need to get your online programme up and running.

But the doors close soon. So click the link below and register today!

Disclaimer; I am an affiliate for Searchie so may earn a small commission but I will only do this when I’m happy to stand over the service.