Marketing Consultancy

We can work with you on a once-off project or essentially become your Virtual Marketing Department. Catering for all of your Online and Offline Marketing, this tends to be the most popular amongst our clients. Areas that our Marketing Consultancy option cover include; Social Media, Email Marketing, Websites, Brochures, Flyers, Print Campaigns, Events and more – the ideal solution when you need that bit of extra help!


Social Media Management & Training

Even with the best of intentions updating your Social Media won’t always be a priority for you. We help you implement a strategy, ensure there’s a process in place and can manage your updates, advertising or promotions. Or if you like to keep the function in-house we’ll help you up-skill those tasked with the job, share some tips of the trade and ensure you’ve got a plan to ensure that your Social Media reaches the right people.


Email Marketing

With us a long time we frequently find our clients aren’t familiar with the many benefits of email marketing or alternatively they don’t see where it fits in with their other marketing activities. We’ll work with your customer information, start generating a list with you or if you prefer you can outsource it totally to us. With new legislation – GDPR – coming into effect in May 2018 expect to see a lot of news around this area.


Web Design

Our preferred platform is WordPress and we’ve worked with many clients who wanted an initial presence, to learn how to effectively use their existing site or simply wanted a revamp.  We make the job as stress-free as possible and leave you with a website that you’ll be able to update.  We’ve also got a preferred partner for clients who may fall outside of the SME sector so talk to us about finding out how we can help you.


Blogging & Copywriting

The content on your website is crucial for search engines and it helps potential customers find your business and understand what you have on offer. We can manage this for you whether it’s an entire web project, regular blog articles or an update.  We also take care of other marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and instruction manuals or any other project that requires time you can’t easily commit to.


Digital Marketing Training

If you have the dedicated resources in-house but they need a little assistance getting to grips with the latest in Social Media platforms, implementing a strategy to ensure your marketing efforts are delivering the results you want or even evaluating current performance so that you can plan for the future we’ve got an option to help you out. We also work with clients to enhance their efforts on this area via new software options.

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