Our Services

At The Marketing Shop, we can work with you on a comprehensive marketing campaign whether online or offline or both. Alternatively we can offer you a selection of marketing services, enabling you to outsource only those areas you may not have the in-house expertise to manage.

Our range of services currently includes;

We can offer cost-effective campaigns that are created with your business in mind, not to mention your budget!

As we’ve worked with SMEs in a range of industries, we’re also pretty well placed to offer you a second opinion on your current marketing activities or a review of your Social Media to ensure you’re maximising your return on investment.

You might also be pleased to know that we’re quite flexible with our clients too working with some on a one-off project, others a few hours a month with others yet again on a longer term contract.  We’re quite happy to fill gaps on maternity or holiday leave too.

Still not sure?  Contact Debbie for further information now!

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