Making Sense Of Marketing With The Marketing Shop

We’ve finally succumbed to the creation of an online course and based on our research, it was perfectly clear that the best option for us would be ‘Making Sense Of Marketing’ – because we KNOW there’s a whole lot of advice out there which can be more than a bit overwhelming.

So, what’s it all about…

With 20+ years of Marketing under our belt and experiences across a very wide range of industries, we know that for the small business owner, the solopreneur, the office/shop manager charged with marketing, the business owner who hasn’t needed a marketing person up to now, or the person who keeps it at the end of a to-do list because of apps and terminology and time, that there is definitely an easier way.

We’re taking you through what you need to know, how you can discover what’s right for you, teaching you ways that you can be more productive with your time right through to creating killer content with ease and knowing exactly what to ask for when you’re taking support from a third party.

Our first launch will be 23rd March 2022 and those who have expressed an interest in advance will get an as-yet-to-revealed offer that will never be repeated AND lifetime of the course access to it so that any additions in later versions are yours to enjoy too.

There will be templates, tools and training with a minimum of jargon and a focus on you making the best use of time you can commit to marketing as productively as possible.

And, as our research highlighted the need for a separate standalone mini-course we’re going to gift this to our first group also before it goes on sale separately in April.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, take this journey with us and you’ll see exactly why we say this before you know it!

Register your interest now by email to and we’ll schedule a call with you to discuss the details and ensure it’s the right fit for you.