Linkedin Certified Marketing Insider – Debbie Ringwood

Linkedin Certified Marketing Insiders - Debbie Ringwood The Marketing Shop

Linkedin launched a new online educational programme in 2022 and we’re delighted to announce that Debbie Ringwood took part and is now a Linkedin Certified Marketing Insider.

In order to achieve this recognition by Linkedin, had three qualifications to achieve first;

  • Linkedin Fundamentals Certified
  • Linkedin Content & Creative Design Certified
  • Linkedin Marketing Strategy Certified

Linkedin Certified Marketing Insiders - Linkedin Content & Creative Design - Debbie Ringwood The Marketing Shop
Linkedin Certified Marketing Insiders - Linkedin Marketing Strategy - Debbie Ringwood The Marketing Shop
Linkedin Certified Marketing Insiders - Linkedin Marketing Fundamentals - Debbie Ringwood The Marketing Shop

With more than two decades of experience in Marketing, Debbie is a professional who has worked extensively with clients in a wide range of industries in areas including Marketing Strategy, Social Media Management, Social Media Training, Canva Training, Email Marketing, WordPress Web Design, Marketing Coaching, Paid Ads and more.

And, even with all of that experience there’s always something new to learn and Linkedin Learning Labs was a wonderful challenge that took a deep dive into many of the areas within her expertise with a specific focus on Linkedin.

It was an enjoyable programme and as part of it, Debbie gets to network within a dedicated Linkedin community, attend events and learn more about new features or information that’s relevant to our target audience here at The Marketing Shop.

Following this training, we’ll be sharing here on our website a series of blog posts specifically on Linkedin for those of you in our audience who would like to spend more time on the platform but aren’t quite sure how to get started, how best to optimise your presence on the network, how to ensure your content is right for your following and to ensure that if Linkedin Marketing is something you need support with, that you’ll understand how we can work with you.

First up, we’re looking at ‘Linkedin Marketing, Why You Need A Specific Linkedin Content Strategy‘ a post that has proved very popular already as many brands strive to understand the nuances of a network that deserves a second look if you’re simply sharing content that was created initially for other channels.

We’ve got further posts planned in this series and if you’ve got specific queries you’d like us to address, do let us know by popping an email to

And, if you’d like to look at Linkedin Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, Training, or Content Creation, pop an email to Debbie at the above email or schedule a call here.

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