Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

The festive season is in full swing, and as a small business owner, you’re looking for ways to maximize sales in the final days leading up to Christmas. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract last-minute shoppers and boost your revenue during this crucial time. In this post, we’re sharing 10 effective last-minute Christmas marketing tips to help you stand out from the competition and drive more sales. From offering exclusive discounts to creating festive visuals, engaging your audience with giveaways, collaborating with other businesses, and spreading festive cheer through behind-the-scenes moments, we’ve got you covered.

1. Offer Exclusive Discounts or Promotions

One of the most effective ways to entice customers during the last 10 days before Christmas is by offering exclusive Christmas discounts or promotions. Create a sense of urgency by making these offers available only to customers who place their orders ahead of the last delivery date for Christmas. This not only encourages customers to make their purchases in time to receive them in time but also brings more attention because we’ve all been through Black Friday and know post-Christmas sales are on the way (I’ve already seen some big stores with big discounts in place now!). Promote these exclusive deals through whichever channels you use, whether that’s a range of social media platforms, email, websites, or if you’re a retailer, use your location too.

2. Create Festive Visuals for Social Media

Eye-catching social media visuals can make a significant impact on your audience. Take advantage of the festive season by creating captivating graphics and videos that reflect the holiday spirit. If you can arrange own photos and videos it’s always more effective – use them to showcase your products or services in a festive setting. If you don’t have access to high-quality visuals, tools like Canva can help you create stunning graphics with ease. Use Christmas-themed templates and customise them to match your brand.

3. Engage Your Audience with a Christmas-themed giveaway

Giveaways are a fantastic way to engage your audience and generate buzz around your brand during the holiday season. Create a Christmas-themed giveaway that aligns with your products or services. Encourage participants to enter their email addresses or follow your social media accounts for a chance to win. Even if those who enter aren’t shopping with you this Christmas, they’ll notice your brand and may become future customers. Promote the giveaway through your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and any other relevant channels.

4. Collaborate with Other Businesses for Cross-Promotions

Collaborating with other businesses that have a similar target audience can significantly expand your reach and attract new customers. Identify complementary businesses in your local area or within your industry and propose cross-promotion ideas. For example, if you sell handmade jewellery, you could partner with a local clothing boutique for a joint promotion where customers receive a discount when they purchase from both businesses. This way, you’ll tap into each other’s customer base and social media audience, it’s a win for both businesses.

5. Spread Festive Cheer through Behind-the-Scenes Moments

The festive season is all about spreading joy and happiness. Share behind-the-scenes moments of your business preparing for Christmas to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Whether it’s putting up decorations, packing orders, or hosting a Christmas party for your team, these shareable moments humanise your brand and create a sense of authenticity. Use social media to document these festive moments and engage with your audience in real-time by going live (early in the night if it’s a party!!!).

6. Shop Locally: Pick Up Vouchers for Local Stores and Venues

Encourage your customers to shop locally by offering vouchers for stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, beauty salons, and more in your local area. This not only supports other small businesses but also provides your customers with convenient gifting options. Vouchers are perfect for last-minute shoppers who may be worried about missing postal deadlines. Collaborate with other businesses in your community to create special packages or discounts that encourage cross-promotion and boost local economic growth.

7. Update Websites and Social Media with Opening Hours and Delivery Deadlines

As the festive season approaches its peak, it’s crucial to keep your customers informed about your business operations. Update your website and social media platforms with accurate opening hours, delivery deadlines, and any changes in services over Christmas and New Year. Make it easy for customers to find this information by featuring it prominently on your website’s homepage and sharing regular updates on social media. Monitor customer enquiries closely and provide speedy responses to ensure you don’t miss out on any late sales – call in support from somebody else if you’re too busy to manage social media.

8. Leverage Micro-Influencer Collaborations

Influencer marketing has become an incredibly powerful tool for reaching new audiences and driving sales and for our audience we’re not suggesting those with hundreds of thousands of followers, we’re recommending specifically those with the right quality of audience for your business. You’re looking for those in your niche who align with your brand values and target audience., when you’re active on social media you’ll already be mindful of who these are in your space. Look for micro-influencers who have an engaged following and can effectively convey the benefits of your offerings during the last-minute Christmas rush, with some of these individuals it’s not going to cost as much as you might expect either!

9. Offer Gift Wrapping Services

Save time and reduce stress for last-minute shoppers by offering gift-wrapping services if you’re in a physical store or as an add-on option for online purchases. Many customers appreciate the convenience of having their gifts beautifully wrapped before they’re handed over or shipped (especially those of us who need more Sellotape than you can imagine to make them look presentable!!). Make sure to promote this service across all relevant channels, emphasising how it adds an extra touch of care and thoughtfulness to their Christmas shopping experience.

10. Personalise Customer Experiences

Personalisation goes a long way in building customer loyalty and driving sales. Tailor your communications and offers based on each customer’s preferences and past purchase history. Use email marketing automation tools to send personalised recommendations or exclusive offers specifically curated for each individual. Additionally, consider sending personalised holiday greetings or thank-you notes to show your appreciation for their support throughout the year. And, if this isn’t an option for right now, make a note to ensure it’s put in place for next year – we can help you with that here at The Marketing Shop.

Our last-minute tips are designed to help you boost sales and make the most of the final days leading up to Christmas Day but we will say it now, there really is no substitution for planning early as it gives you more time to get everything in place. You will learn what works or not from year to year but ideally kick off the new year with a plan and start thinking specifically about your Christmas marketing months ahead of time!

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