Know Your Analytics & Insights

Each week from today we’ll be sharing our ‘Tips On Tuesday’ which will be a range of tips on Marketing, Social Media and the Web designed to remind you or highlight something that you might not think about everyday or even be aware of in your business to start with.

This week as it’s the start of the year we’d love to see you add one new task to your marketing on an ongoing basis;

Know your analytics & insights – familiarise yourself and check in regularly so you can see what’s working for you.

Every network you use will keep a record of details such as visitors to the site, how long they spend there, what the most popular days and times are, what content is of most interest to them and lots more.

Used properly this can help you connect with your audience more effectively and help you understand what’s really working for your business as opposed to what you enjoy.

And, even better this information is free on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Google!

If you don’t know the numbers on your analytics or insights, add a note to your diary now to learn this year and check in weekly or monthly as a minimum to ensure you’re getting the most from your web presence.

You might even find some very pleasant surprises too!

Learn more about each of the most analytics or insights on the popular platforms at the following links –

Google Analytics

Facebook Insights

Instagram Insights – instructions in this case as Insights are available on the mobile app

Twitter Analytics



If you’ve got questions on how any of these work or if you’re not quite sure whether they’re in place for your business feel free to ask for our help, contact or get in touch via our social media accounts – listed on this page.