Is It Time For TikTok Training For Your Business?

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TikTok is a popular app that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. In case you’re not familiar with it, TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share videos. Users can upload up to a few seconds of footage; and once they’ve uploaded it, followers can then engage with the video by commenting on it, adding emoji,s or reuploading the video once again. With more than a billion users, those who hadn’t initially paid the app a lot of attention are realising that there are opportunities for brands and businesses to reach new audiences through short-form videos (for example product reviews or tips). But is this the right time for your business? Here are some reasons why now might be the best time to launch an account on TikTok and why it might be time for TikTok Training.

With over a billion users TikTok is very much the platform of the moment

As of early 2022, there are a reported 1.88 million users in Ireland, or 49% of the adult population aged over 18! Yeah, that’s a fact that surprises many and more so when you look at the stats from within TikTok’s own Ads Manager whereby it tells me that as of August 2022 there are potentially 1.24 million users aged over 25 here in Ireland alone, or 581,000 aged 35+ – are some of those your customers?

What I find when using the platform is that whilst many of the ‘creators’ or those videos that tend to get most attention may well be amongst younger demographics there are a lot of businesses and individuals watching and learning, waiting to figure out how they can work the app for their business. A search of hashtags for groups aged 40+ will give you an insight into just what we’re talking about too.

There are businesses from every sector on the app

With every social network, you make a decision on whether to implement a plan based on whether it’s the right fit for your business, or indeed your industry.

That said if I look at Irish businesses alone I’m aware of many brand names making it work for them from local food stores and TV stations to property companies and financial advisors. Try to search for businesses you’re aware of in your competitive space here in Ireland or indeed, in another market, you may well be surprised at what you discover. Even if you don’t see it as a fit right now you might find inspiration from what’s out there that makes for content ideas you can implement on your channels of choice for now.

You don’t have to dance or entertain to make an impression on the app

Throughout the past few years as we strived to entertain ourselves while on restricted movement it’s most likely you watched many, many TikTok videos. Whether it was the latest business, or indeed police force (Gardai here in Ireland) taking on the Jerusalema dance trend, somebody sharing tips on how to control your hair until the salons re-opened, a favourite comedian or singer spending their time entertaining from the comfort of their own home, or indeed that family you know down the road dancing around their kitchen, we’ve all seen the videos?

You might be forgiven for thinking it’s all about dancing or entertaining but social media doesn’t have to be that way, whether it’s TikTok or indeed, Reels on Instagram or Facebook there’s also a lot of content around education and teaching people, perhaps that’s your space or indeed your comfort zone? It should also be noted that if eCommerce is your business, there are LOTS of businesses making a real impact on the app.

Advertising is cost-effective and user-friendly

As I’ve worked in Marketing and Social Media for many years, I have used the vast majority of platforms that offer paid advertising in some capacity and Facebook/Instagram/META would remain my platform of choice for most businesses right now as the options and targetting are fantastic.

That said, I’ve also run some campaigns on TikTok and have been very impressed with the results (which can be covered in our TikTok Training). The user interface is something that many other apps could take tips from and you can have your ad(s) up and running in literally minutes, they’ll even assist you where creativity is a challenge.

Remember, as trends change you need to consider where your audience spends their time now…

In an ideal world you’ve got a Marketing Strategy in place and a defined plan for Social Media, in times past it might have worked to plan for a year ahead and chances are that didn’t change too frequently over years in terms of where you marketed the business.

In today’s world Marketing and Social Media evolve at a pace that surprises even those of us who spend our working lives immersed in this space. Algorithms are updated, social networking apps are forever playing catch-up with competitors and trying to surpass them with new features, content styles change – ten years ago did we all think we’d be creating videos designed to get a message across in less than 15 seconds?

While the apps are changing, so too are your audience as they follow what’s new, exciting, entertaining or educating them right now. Where once we may have sat through a lengthy YouTube tutorial that same video might now be a series of short clips on TikTok instead.

As businesses and marketers it’s our job to meet our customers and potential customers where they spend their time and that’s not always where we’ve enjoyed success in the past.

Talk to us for TikTok Training, 1:1, or as part of a group

We know the idea of trying something new can be met with fear or panic at the thought that you now have to find time to create content for another social network but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Talk to us at The Marketing Shop to arrange 1:1 or group TikTok Training that covers what you need to know and understand about using TikTok for business and spending your time wisely to create content that works across multiple channels so you can improve productivity too. And, as a Canva Champion, I’m well placed to teach you how to create video if you don’t always feel that turning up in person on camera is the right fit for you.

Pop an email to for details, or to arrange a discovery call or follow us on TikTok to discover how we’ve decided to use it.

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