How You Can Support A Local Business When Times Are Challenging

In a world dominated by big business, it can be difficult for a local business to work through changing times. They typically don’t have the resources to grow their sales or as much focus on marketing as they’d like yet still have to make things happen. As we head into cooler days with the festive season on the horizon, for many with the schools re-opening it’s time to get back to business properly.

With the right tools and support, small businesses can thrive, serving their local communities and contributing to the economy and our support will assist them even further. In this post, we’ve outlined a selection of ways you can support your local business.

Shop Local

Small businesses are the backbone of every community. By shopping locally, you are supporting your community and helping to keep cash within your neighbourhood. Shopping locally should be something to consider all year round but more so when it comes to busier times like the Christmas season when every one of us will spend more than usual. It’s often a pleasant surprise to discover what your local businesses have on offer too when you make a conscious effort to shop local.

Leave Them a Review

One of the best ways to show your support for a small business is to leave them a review. When you leave a review, it helps others learn about the business and decide if they want to do business with them. It also helps the business owner know what they are doing well and where they need to improve. You can of course message, comment, or email and leave reviews on a social media platform such as social media but bear in mind that not everybody uses social media, Google My Business will benefit that business more because it’s publicly available to everyone.

Re-schedule an Appointment Over Cancelling It

If you have an appointment with a small business, consider re-scheduling it instead of cancelling it. This will help the small business owner avoid losing potential revenue and ensure that they still have a chance to serve you on this occasion and perhaps into the future too.

Refer People to Them

One of the best ways to support a small business is by referring people to them. When you refer someone to a small business, you are helping them get new customers and grow their business. Plus, you may end up getting a referral bonus in return!

Buy Gift Vouchers

Most small business owners offer gift vouchers, and most of us quite like the idea that we’re getting a gift that allows us make the decision on how or when we use it.

Remember, Some Local Businesses Are Just Online!

Think about those who may be local that don’t offer a physical location too when it comes to small business. Right across the island of Ireland there are amazing small businesses selling products and services that might suit that special someone.

So, if you can, think about using a local business where you can, even those without a physical storefront. It’s good for all of us and it will help each of our individual communities too.

And, if you are a small business owner in need of support to grow your visibility, don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to – we want to see local businesses succeed!