Finalist – Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year 2022

Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year Award 2022 - Finalists

The list of finalists in the Digital Women Awards are being shared at the moment.

When it came to Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year Award 2022, I was delighted to see myself, Debbie Ringwood, on the list.

This is what Digital Women had to say about this particular award;

“We are delighted to announce the finalists of the Digital Women Freelancer of the Year Award 2022!

The Digital Women Freelancer of The Year Award recognises and celebrates women who are working independently and flexibly, often carrying out more than one specialism.

Many freelancers also seek out their own clients and fund self-learning.

Freelancers are often highly skilled and work along-side corporate teams and smaller businesses and often collectively add a significant amount of money to our economy.

We’re thrilled to celebrate these amazing women in digital! You can learn more about each of them by downloading our FREE ‘Freelancers You Need to Know About in 2022’ booklet here:

We are in amazing company on this list of entrants from across the UK and Ireland and we wholeheartedly agree that we are a group of “freelancers you need to know about in 2022”.

Congratulations to each and every wonderful freelancer who made this list!