Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year Award 2022 – Finalist

digital women freelancer of the year finalist

On Friday 14th October I get to meet up with an amazing group of women I’ve become involved with in recent years, Digital Women.

I’m delighted to have made the list of Finalists in the category Freelancer Of The Year, a role which in the announcement was listed as;

The Digital Women Freelancer of The Year Award recognises and celebrates women who are working independently and flexibly, often carrying out more than one specialism. Many freelancers also seek out their own clients and fund self-learning. Freelancers are often highly skilled and work along-side corporate teams and smaller businesses and often collectively add a significant amount of money to our economy.

Digital Women, May 2022.

And this week we get to enjoy an awards ceremony at The Ivy, Tower Bridge in London – with great company, fabulous food and wonderful surroundings.

It will be a most enjoyable day, there are some wonderful women on the lists of finalists for the various awards and I’d like to congratulate everybody who’s got that far and wish everyone the very best of luck on the day!

Digital Women is a community of fantastic women from all areas in the digital sphere, spear-headed by the fabulous Lucy Hall. Their mission is to empower women in marketing to grow their businesses, learn new skills, make real connections and develop professionally. And it’s an amazing community to be part of, I would highly recommend it. Find out more about the community and sign up too, at this link.