Social media content ideas for december 2021

We're into the final weeks of 2021 now, a little different from how we hoped the year would end as we looked forward this time last year but for most of us we're still looking towards Christmas and the thoughts of what should be a brighter year ahead. December...

Black Friday & Christmas Marketing Tips For 2021

We're just over a month from Christmas and whilst all isn't quite as it was pre-pandemic, Christmas is all around us. For business that means for many, it's the start of the silly season while for others it's about plans for a new year - our post has some tips for all...

Social Media Content Ideas For November 2021

Once Halloween is out of the way it's all about Christmas, or, for those who don't have a peak period in December, planning for a new year. Our latest post on content ideas for November is designed for those who might be planning for Christmas, New Year and more...
Learn How To Market Your Business

Learn How To Market Your Business

At The Marketing Shop we offer a range of different services to help small to medium sized enterprises grow their business. One area that we find is growing in demand however is where people wish to keep the marketing function in-house but yet need a little extra help...

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Learn How To Market Your Business

Summer Training At The Marketing Shop

At The Marketing Shop we know for a lot of small business owners that the summer months are frequently a little quieter and are therefore the ideal time to up-skill, re-develop the website, put together a marketing campaign or quite simply boost your presence online....

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Learn How To Market Your Business

Social Media For Small Business Training

Regardless of the size of your business, in today's world it's important to engage with your customers wherever they are. Traditionally you may have secured business through more traditional methods such as in-store promotions, leaflet drops or as a result of ads in a...

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