Finalist – Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year 2022

The list of finalists in the Digital Women Awards are being shared at the moment. When it came to Digital Women Freelancer Of The Year Award 2022, I was delighted to see myself, Debbie Ringwood, on the list. This is what Digital Women had to say about this particular...

Social Media Content Ideas For July 2022

It might not be quite the weather we're all hoping for (yet) but schools are out, days are brighter and we're all out and about a lot more than we've been in recent summers. Over the summer many industries go through a slightly quieter period, at the same time many...

Social Media Content Ideas For June 2022

Almost at the half way point of the year with brighter days and at times even a glimpse of sunshine (not something we take for granted in Ireland even in summer if you're reading this from overseas! For those of us in Ireland of course, a lovely long bank holiday...
5 ways to grow an email database

5 ways to grow an email database

There are many options now when it comes to marketing your business and often a new business will experiment with several before deciding which ones work and focusing on these.  A more established business will ideally be reviewing their options on an ongoing basis...

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5 ways to grow an email database

The benefits of email marketing

Email marketing has been with us since the 1990s so by comparison to the likes of Facebook or Twitter it's quite long in the tooth and some might say it's dated. However, it's never actually gone away and if anything in recent times we're noticing quite a number of...

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5 ways to grow an email database

10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has been with us longer than our favourite social networks, yet not every business embraces it. This is particularly the case when it comes to small business, many of whom don’t consider it, even when they may have amassed a considerable database over...

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5 ways to grow an email database

Email Marketing – 5 FREE Tips For SMEs From An Expert

Email marketing is fantastic as if you've obtained the email address in the correct manner, you've been granted the opportunity to deliver your latest news or special offers directly into your customers private inbox.  And, particularly as social media grows, people...

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