Canva Training For Business with Debbie Ringwood, Canva Champion of The Marketing Shop

At The Marketing Shop, we've been huge fans of Canva since we first discovered it all the way back in 2015. Over those years we've watched it go through many changes as it's become the must-have app for businesses of all sizes in today's world. Our founder, Debbie...

Canva Tip Thursday – Create A QR Code

If you've ever wondered how to create a QR Code for use in your marketing, this week's Canva Tip is for you. It's something that comes up frequently when I'm training on Canva, our video shows how you can create one and brand it if you choose in less than a minute!...

Business Owners Can Gain From Working With A Social Media Consultant, Here Are 7 Reasons Why

Social media has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers, allowing them to build relationships, create brand awareness, increase sales, and retain contact with them even after a purchase has been made. However, with so many social media...
Goals – How To Set Them For Your Business

Goals – How To Set Them For Your Business

We all know we should do it both in business and in our personal lives as goals really are the most effective means of getting things done. If you're not a goal-setter do you know what you could be missing out on? If you do set goals how realistic are they? Goals...

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EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law

Some of the visitors to our website may be aware of an update to the laws surrounding your privacy on the internet and the fact that in order for a website to function software otherwise known as "cookies" are employed to assist in areas such as remembering your...

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