Canva Websites Are Now Available And They’re Very User-Friendly Too!

canva websites with canva champion debbie ringwood of the marketing shop

I’m forever talking about how wonderful Canva is and it continues to impress with new features all the time. With the addition of Canva Websites I think a lot of business owners will be very impressed.

I am a Canva Champion, I’m very experienced on the app so for me personally, I may always find certain features quite easy to use compared to those who might not spend as much time there. It’s important to note though, that as somebody who also designs WordPress websites if I were a small business with a limited budget that just needs to get started online I think I’d be running with Canva right now.

Canva have a mission to empower the world to design and their drag and drop interface enables all of us to create visuals that might have required the expertise of a graphic designer in times gone by. When the website feature was announced I expected it to be straightforward and as always they got it spot on.

The option you’ll see in this video took me about 20-25 mins to put together and that includes writing the text and building the sign-up page for our Canva Waitlist (more later) on another app completely.

Here’s the video

Canva Websites

If you’d like to see the page in reality, you can view it at this link where we’ve created a list of the services we can offer you in relation to Canva, if of course, that is you need some support with the app.

For those of you not yet using Canva Pro, if you’d like to avail of a 30-day free trial you can secure it at this link or by clicking the image below.