Canva & Content Marketing Training

Is it time you took your appearance online to the next level?

Canva & Content Marketing Training

Is it time you took your appearance online to the next level?



1:1 or Group Training For Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced, Tailored To Suit Your Business

Have you heard of Canva? It’s an amazing app designed to give everyone the power they need to design anything!

Debbie is an official Canva Empower Community Canvassador, which means she is an expert in the platform and can provide expert training to individuals and groups of all skill levels.

Canva Empower Community Canvassador Debbie Ringwood


Are you a complete beginner when it comes to using Canva? No problem! Debbie offers 1:1 training sessions for those who are new to the platform and want to learn the basics. She will guide you through the interface and show you how to use the different features and tools to create stunning designs.

Are you already familiar with Canva but looking to take your skills to the next level? Debbie also offers advanced training sessions for those who want to learn more about the platform’s advanced features.

Whether you’re looking to create more complex designs, improve your workflow, or learn about the newest features, Debbie has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Debbie’s training sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether you’re looking to create social media graphics, marketing materials, or any other type of design. She will work with you to understand your needs and provide training that is tailored to your skill level and experience.

And, as the fabulous designs you’ll create when you get comfortable with Canva aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to Content Marketing, we can work with you on other related elements too such as Blogging, Content Strategy, Hashtags, Captions or Scheduling Tools.

In addition to 1:1 training, Debbie also offers group training sessions for businesses and organizations that want to train multiple employees at once. These sessions are a cost-effective way to train your team and improve their design skills.

The Marketing Shop will transform how your business uses Canva, we’re the go-to for many when it comes to upping your game with design!

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