Canva Magic Eraser – Our Latest Canva Tip

Canva Magic Eraser

Quite often when we’ve got a photo that’s just right for social media, our website, an email newsletter, or some of our offline marketing activity, there’s a minor detail we’d ideally not include.

Whilst the option to remove unwanted items has been available on more expensive platforms for quite some time, it’s now become an accessible tool for everybody with the addition of Magic Eraser to Canva.

Our video shows in less than a minute how easy this feature is to use, we can see this becoming quite a hit! 

Canva is a design tool that’s suited to businesses of every size whether you’re a start-up, solopreneur, multi-national, or working in a sector such as education or not for profit.

If you’re not yet using it, you can avail of a 30-day trial to see how it works for your organisation at this link.

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