Canva Create, New Features To Launch A Brand New Era

Canva is one of the most amazing tools businesses of all sizes can use in their business, whether you’re a sole trader, start-up, small business owner right through to brands like Zoom who got a mention at Canva Create this week, there’s a solution for you.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for a long time and many of the tools we take for granted every day have been powered by it for a long time, if you’re not so interested in the technicalities of it all though you might not even have given that a second thought.

Towards the end of 2022 however, everything AI-related suddenly stepped up a gear with the launch of Chat GPT which is transforming how people work, it’s changing education and over time it’s going to allow for us all to become ever more productive in how we go about our business.

So, it was with great delight that over 1.5 million people across the world tuned in to see just what Canva were doing with AI as they launched ‘A Brand New Era’ at their latest Canva Create event.

It’s a lengthy but impressive list and we’ve got the lowdown for you below and as there’s so much to take in, we’re going to add one new video each day over the next couple of weeks and each will be linked to from this post or available on our YouTube channel.

Magic Design – upload your image and Canva will magically assist you in recommending templates! And you can learn how easily this feature can be used in our short video.

Magic Edit – remove items or replace them in your images with enhanced editing abilities.

Translate – yes, Canva really will translate your content for you and into over 100 languages too (including Irish for those reading this in Ireland!)

Beat Sync – never spend time trying to match your music to your video again, Canva can match up your audio with ease.

Draw – you know what you’d like, now you don’t have to search for inspiration as you can sketch an idea within Canva and it will help you choose the right elements for your design.

Magic Eraser – remove those items that distract from the perfect photo simply and leave behind no trace.

Animation – you choose how to make elements move, design the perfect animation for your brand.

Magic Write – Canva’s in-built AI writer, with a prompt from you the creative process is underway.

Text To Image – the AI-powered ability to create images from your imagination, now available in a range of sizes and a lot of very different styles.

Layouts & Styles – design inspiration where you need it with assistance to find what’s just right for your design.

Magic Presentation – no more blank pages, Canva will get your presentation underway from your initial prompts.

Brand Hub – brand guides will never be the same again, you can control templates, styles, fonts and even include your brand guidelines. Within this you can find and replace all versions of your old logo so if you re-brand your old logo won’t re-appear where you least expect it.

Canva Assistant – simply use the / key and everything you’ll need to create and design is right there in front of you.

Layers – a feature many have wanted having used it in apps such as Photoshop, this is now an option for you in Canva.

Gradients – you decide which colours to mix to maximise visuals to suit your brand.

Fonts – you’ll now discover approximately 1,000 additional fonts.

I’m testing out all of these fabulous new features on Canva and will be sharing individual videos on each in the coming days, for now, though you can learn more about everything that’s new from Canva themselves with the event highlights available in this video over on Canva’s YouTube channel below or a link to the various new features at this link.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn how to use Canva effectively in your business we’ve got a super new programme kicking off 6th April over 3 weeks where you can move from beginner/improver to being confident in creating great designs for your business.

Learn more here on our website or click the image below.

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