Canva Colour Picker – Canva Tips From The Marketing Shop

Canva colour picker tool

In this week’s Canva Tip, we’re highlighting the Canva Colour Picker tool as we know this is a really handy feature that not everybody is aware of.

Easy to use and ideal for those situations where you’re feeling inspired by an image you’ve come across and would like to use a colour you see. Or, if you’ve found yourself with branding created a few years back and you don’t know what exact shades were used in the design.

Our video is less than a minute and it could save you a lot of time!

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We’ve got lots more coming up in our series of mini-tips to help you make the most of Canva, the next tip will be on Thursday 16th March as Debbie will be on holiday next week and as our tips have generated quite a number of queries, she’d prefer to be around to deal with them.

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