How to create an event in Facebook

How to create an event in Facebook

If you’ve come across a local event in your Facebook such as this one in your news feed, you might just be wondering how it got there?  Here are our simple steps to follow so you can ensure that your event gets noticed.   On your Facebook business page you...
The Marketing Shop – A little on what we’ve learned as we turn 2!

5 reasons to start a business blog today

There are lots of ways to market your business effectively both online and offline and all businesses want to find that one way to bring traffic to their website or offline store while spending as little as possible. One of the most powerful and cost-effective tools...

Facebook home

Amid much speculation about a Facebook phone, the reality was actually a new software which will initially be available on the android platform only.  Essentially Facebook home is about a new kind of home screen for your device, a social layer which enables you to...

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