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Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest…  So many options, where do you start??

At The Marketing Shop we believe that there’s a place in Social Media for all business, from sole traders right through to international corporations.  The trick however, is in choosing which is the right platform for you.

With this in mind, we offer for separate options for Social Media to businesses across Ireland:


Social Media Training For Business

If you’ve got the in-house resources to manage your chosen Social Media platform, we’ll provide a customised training programme to suit your business, your industry and of course, your employees.  We can train you as a team or part of a wider group (our newsletter is a good idea if specific days are of interest to you!) to ensure that you start off on the right track.  Working with you we’ll evaluate the options that are available at a FREE CONSULTATION and design the programme to ensure that you get maximum benefits and learn how to effectively engage with fans or followers.  And if you’ve already made a foray into the world of Social Media, we can work with you to establish how we can grow your fanbase.  Our training can be tailored to suit you as full day(s) or several separate sessions which we find works well as you get the chance to practice what you’ve learned before the next meeting.


Social Media Training One To One

If you’re working alone or perhaps you’d just like to learn how to effectively find your way around the maze of social media platforms, we can arrange a one to one training session tailored specifically to suit you.  Many people prefer this approach which caters for all levels of experience at a pace to suit the individual, not a group which may have varying degrees of interest and expertise.  Our rates are competitive and we’re flexible on hours.


Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s blogging, tweeting, status updates or displaying a portfolio on Flickr, ultimately you’re doing it for a reason – to attract more customers to your business.  As we have a background in both traditional and online marketing, we appreciate that Social Media must complement your companies marketing activities, rather than work as a stand alone project so that you’ll gain maximum benefits for your brand.


Social Media Management

We offer a range of packages to companies who are interested but may not have the resources to manage their social media networks.  From our Start-Up packages where we’ll get you up and running and guide you through those first few months, right through to full management of your Social Management, we’ve got an option to suit and if we don’t, we’ll tailor make one to suit your business – and your budget!

We’ve run successful campaigns and have communicated with in excess of 15,000 people to date through a variety of channels and have run competitions, generated databases, worked on branding, created landing pages, blogged and more.

As we’re up  to date on all of the latest developments in the social media world, we’re wise to the ever changing conditions of the various sites which can lead to your page being shut down with little or no warning.  Did you know for example that having people vote a winning photo through your facebook page can and does result in your page being suspended or deleted?  Surprisingly, many large brands are unaware of the risks and stand to lose thousands of fans through simply not worrying about the small print.

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