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Outsource Biz People Fotolia_21399008_Subscription_Monthly_XXLThe Marketing Shop work with a number of clients in the capacity of Marketing Consultant.  Some of these clients are in seasonally affected industries such as Retail or Hospitality, where the requirement for marketing expertise varies dramatically during the course of the year and as such, an on-staff marketing person or department isn’t a permanent requirement.

We’ve got other clients who are upscaling their online presence with yet others establishing their very first website, or a campaign to drive more traffic onto their site or into their offline store.

As a result, we tailor  our marketing to suit these clients whereby we’re contracted for a few hours a week, a few days a month, a once-off project or even in the run up to a traditionally busy sales period so that we can work collectively to create a strategy to suit the demands of the business and industry.

At The Marketing Shop we have extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, both online and offline including Marketing Consultancy, Social Media, Adwords, Search Engine Marketing, Copywriting, Print Media, Promotions, Email Marketing, Web Design, Media Buying, Event Management, PR and more.

What’s more, our experience is across a wide sector of industries including Travel, IT, Retail, Hospitality, Motor Trade, Insurance, Alternative Healthcare, Market Research, Business Coaching and Software amongst others.

So we’re well equipped to take a holistic approach to marketing your business and availing of the most appropriate media as opposed to expecting our clients to fit in with a “package” deal based around an agency’s ideal of what should work.

Don’t keep wondering about how to market your business, talk to a small business expert now!

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