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Email Marketing The Marketing ShopEmail marketing has been with us since before the advent of Social Media and even though we now as businesses have many more communications tools available to us, e-marketing has remained popular as quite apart from the fact that it’s low cost, it’s also a direct invitation into your customer’s personal inbox.

Having worked with databases from less than 100 to almost 100,000 we know what works when it comes to effective e-marketing.  We’re well placed to advise on effective content and imagery, delivery schedules, reporting and data protection – an area which many SMEs are not always fully au fait with.

Some of our clients have an established database they’ve accumulated over a period of time, others have considered it but weren’t sure where to get started.  Often the technicality or cost are concerns, but neither should be a barrier – did you know for example that some email marketing programmes are FREE!!

Talk to our experts, we’ll work on a plan to suit that delivers results.

And, if you’re already engaged in email marketing you might be interest in our blog post which you’ll find here.

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