laptop_280There is an art to writing copy, often a task that can be more difficult or cumbersome initially but over time becomes that little bit easier.  Think about it, you’ve got to write a 40 page brochure for your product – can you think of a variety of terms to illustrate how wonderful each individual item is without using the same word over and over again?  In some industries there may be a large number of technical terms that the customer may not be familiar with so you need to find that fine line between interesting and difficult to comprehend.

Online, your copy should incorporate keywords i.e. those words or phrases that your customer is likely to search for when they arrive on google, yahoo or bing for example.  This is a skill in itself though as you’re catering for the search engines on the web, but you’re also writing for the reader who is a potential customer and believe us, you can spot the content that’s been written with the former in mind.

If you’re writing copy for your website or blog, the important thing to remember that frequently less is more.  Your customer is a click and a second away from a competitor and if you don’t grab their attention instantly you’ve lost them.  Again you’ve also got to write within what’s generally a summarised version of the offline brochure for the search engines.

It’s a balancing act, but having written copy for one of Ireland’s busiest websites right through to a number of local businesses, we’ve got the web covered.

And in terms of publications, we’ve written 200+ page brochures and had articles published in the media.  So yes, we know how to get it right.

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