Blogging - The Marketing ShopWe regularly speak with business owners who would like to increase the visibility of their business on search engines but aren’t quite sure how they might do it.

Quite often it’s been included in the original website and abandoned after a few blog posts as there wasn’t a plan in place as to how content is created or shared but with the right assistance this is quite easily resolved.

So why then do many businesses fail to exploit this one area of marketing that doesn’t need to cost a lot and is easily controlled?

Blogs serve many purposes in business such as;

  • Search engine optimisation – perhaps THE most powerful tool at your disposal
  • Opportunity to display your authority or expertise in your chosen field
  • Enables you to display the human side to your brand
  • You can offer added value to your potential clients
  • It allows you to solve problems for your customer

At The Marketing Shop we can work with you to create a blog, train you how to use your blog effectively or for those who struggle with content ideas or time, we can take care of the blogging for you.


Send an email to and include your business name, website and phone number and we’ll call you back to discuss.

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