Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms And Conditions – Additions May Apply In The Case Of Special Offers

All parties in acceptance of a proposal from The Marketing Shop are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions which are as outlined below;

  1. All services listed on our website www.themarketingshop.ie are subject to availability.
  2. We aim to offer transparent pricing to all clients and therefore offer a menu of options available once we have undertaken an initial consultation and assessment of your needs.
  3. Your acceptance of our proposal confirms acceptance of our terms and conditions including where outlined notice periods from all parties associated with the works outlined.
  4. Consultations and ongoing communications will form part of all works with The Marketing Shop.  Email is the preferred medium as this will include a record of all transactions.  It is however advisable that face to face meetings form part of a project, particularly when it takes place over a longer period of time.
  5. In the cases of social media, The Marketing Shop will require access to accounts to be used.  This will be arranged directly with you and the information will be shared via a third party social media tool used the management of same.
  6. Where we are contracted to implement a Google Adwords campaign we will require access to the Google Analytics associated with your account, we will advise on how you can add us as a user if necessary and will remove such access should the campaign be discontinued.
  7. In the case of project/ad-hoc works invoices will be issued within 14 days of completion of works.  In longer term instances we will endeavor to raise no more than one invoice per calendar month.
  8. Packages purchased via our website will be subject to full payment in advance via PayPal without exception.  Should you wish not to purchase via PayPal please contact us to discuss alternative options.
  9. Data protection is of the utmost importance to both The Marketing Shop and our clients and whilst we are happy to upload databases for the purpose of email marketing for our clients, we will not upload information to any marketing platform that has not been secured in line with regulations.
  10. Terms of service (or equivalent) will be applicable to all marketing platforms and as we value our clients reputations we will not run a promotion or engage in a scheme which would put such reputation at risk or to cause them a loss of presence on such networks.  Where a client engages on behalf of the brand during a contracted period we will not be responsible for any works which may infringe on copyright or do not comply with terms of service and will advise of same.
  11. Upon completion of any project works The Marketing Shop may be contracted for future works but a revised proposal must be submitted if the previous contract has lapsed in excess of 30 days.
  12. All quotations provided by The Marketing Shop are valid for 30 days only unless otherwise stated.  We do require that you confirm in writing that you have accepted our proposal, email is acceptable in this instance.
  13. Charges for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads or any other advertising campaigns either offline or online are not covered by The Marketing Shop and in most cases they will be charged directly to you by any specified third parties.  Copies of invoices where available only through applicable platforms will be downloaded and forward to you for accounting purposes.
  14. Where a project such as marketing consultancy or social media management is coming to an end there will be a minimum of 30 days notice required by either The Marketing Shop or client in lieu of notice.  If the client wishes to curtail sooner than the 30 days period the sum due for this time will remain due in full.
  15. Where a client is changing from one package to another of greater or lesser value the same 30 days notice period will apply with an charges due for the originally contracted service.
  16. During this 30 day period of cancellation and/or transition at least one meeting should occur and all files relating to services provided by The Marketing Shop will be handed over to the client by electronic means.
  17. Where client cards are utilised for the purposes of advertising, no data is retained on file by The Marketing Shop.   Where an auto-subscribe is available clients will be advised where this is implemented and advisable e.g. in the case of domain or hosting renewal.  It is not the responsibility of The Marketing Shop to cancel such auto-renewals should the client wish to discontinue same if we have not conducted any works in the past 30 days for you.
  18. Logos, imagery and other content used by clients in the course of any marketing or social media services contracted to The Marketing Shop must be client’s own.  We take this on board in good faith and are not in a position to check authenticity of same.  We are happy to suggest third parties for securing such information but we are not affiliated with these businesses in any way and you are free at any time to secure an alternative if preferable.  Similarly, such third parties are recommended in good faith and we accept no responsibility should you incur any difficulties with external others.  Charges for logos, imagery and related design work is not covered in our charges and may be billed directly by any specified third parties.
  19. Accounts created for clients in the course of consultancy services or projects by The Marketing Shop will remain the property of the client at all times, including email accounts.  Passwords and/or login information will be made available to the client upon creation of same so that they may access at any time during the contracted works.  As it is good practice not to share passwords we do recommend that these are updated on a regular basis and in particular upon completion of joint projects.
  20. Payments made be made by cheque payable to: The Marketing Shop Ireland, by bank transfer (please ask for details) or by PayPal at a surcharge of 3.5%.
  21. Payment terms are 14 days with the exception of Online Training Courses which are pre-paid due to lower costs.
  22. One month’s payment will be required in lieu of deposit on all new client accounts for Social Media Management, Mentoring or Marketing Consultancy.
  23. Website projects will normally be due at 50% deposit, 30% interim payment and the remaining 20% within 14 days of completion unless otherwise specified.
  24. No more than two reminder notices will be provided where a payment is not received in line with our credit terms after which time such invoices will be forwarded to a third party.  In line with Late Payments In Commercial Transactions Legislation 2002 we reserve the right to add interest where applicable.
  25. The Marketing Shop is V.A.T. registered as of 1st January 2013 and details will be outlined on all invoices issued after this date.
  26. Information provided on this website is copyright of The Marketing Shop.  Images have either been created by us, purchased by us or downloaded with an appropriate attribution and you are not permitted to use these for purposes other than the sharing of our content without prior written consent.



  1. The Marketing Shop do on occasion offer adverts on our website or our email newsletter. 
  2. We are not responsible for the content of any third party or affiliate sites connected to such campaigns once you leave our website www.themarketingshop.ie
  3. If you would like to advertise on either our website or our newsletter, or indeed to appear as a featured partner please contact hello@themarketingshop.ie and we will be happy to discuss options with you.


Terms and conditions last updated September 2014.


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